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A Message from our CEO Peter Granat: What it Means to be SAI360

Meet the new SAI360

I am thrilled to announce a new chapter for our company today.

Starting September 1, you’ll see a fresh new look as we unify our company name, branding, and logo around the visionary SAI360 platform.

The Journey to SAI360

The evolution of our brand from SAI Global to SAI360 marks a significant milestone in our journey, allowing us to reflect on what sets us apart and align our company name and mission to the unique capabilities of our leading SAI360 platform.

For over 25 years, we’ve been working to grow and enhance our SAI360 platform to provide flexible, scalable, and configurable solutions for a better vantage point on risk management, compliance, and sustainability. While our focus as the new SAI360 will allow us to accelerate on this strategy as a pure-play software and learning provider, our mission remains the same: to deliver innovative cloud-first technology for our customers around the world.

The Meaning Behind Our New Logo and Brand

The core design element of SAI360’s new logo and visual identity is an infinity symbol, representing the continuous cycle of risk, checks and balances, and the ongoing commitment to managing risks in a dynamic business environment.

Our new logo is inspired by our core principles of focus, valor, and discipline. These shades of blue reflect our position as a trusted advisor in the governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) space and our commitment to helping you achieve sustainable growth.

Meet the new SAI360


A Singular Focus Going Forward

It’s not just our logo that has changed. We’ve updated our website, social media, and visual identity to reflect both our heritage and future vision as the trusted software and content leader across Risk, Learning, Safety, and Sustainability. Stay tuned for more on our refreshed messaging in the coming weeks.

It’s an exciting time for our company as we continue to invest in the strategy, delivery, service, and innovation of our SAI360 platform. I look forward to this next chapter of our journey as SAI360.