NERC: Electric Regulator Powers GRC with SAI360

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The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is the Electric Reliability Organization (ERO) in North America that was created in the Energy Policy Act of 2005. NERC, as the ERO, is charged with assuring the reliability and security of the bulk power system in the United States, Canada, and part of Mexico. NERC began working with SAI360 in 2017 as part of an initiative to streamline business processes across its network and with its six regional entities. The initiative was led by Stan Hoptroff, NERC’s CTO and VP of Business Technology.

“NERC and the six regional entities have the same mission, but each had different tools and processes,” says Hoptroff. “We found more than ten core business processes and dozens of different tools deployed, not unexpected as shared processes and tools weren’t required across the regional entities. Looking forward, we knew introducing common business practices would create a whole new level of efficiency and way of working together…”

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