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Enterprise & Operational Risk Management

Make better decisions based on facts. Get a 360° view of risk across your enterprise and operations with our Enterprise and Operational Risk Management software. Real-time, interactive operational risk dashboards let you proactively and accurately identify, assess, monitor and respond.

Flexibly, yet consistently, define and measure risk

  • Assess risks against various risk dimensions using configurable impact and likelihood scales
  • Powerful built-in expertise to meet industry standards: COSO, ISO 31000, ORX, Advanced Measurement Approach (AMA) for Basel II/ III
  • Qualitatively or quantitatively assess risks
  • Calculate value-at-risk and shortfall using integrated Monte Carlo simulation
SAI360 Operational Risk Dashboard
Automated Alerts for Enterprise Risk Management

Establish resilience and reliability across the enterprise

  • Monitor risks in your risk register continuously by leveraging indicators
  • Derive financial impact of loss events based on transactions (lost revenue, insurance claims, etc.)
  • Automate actions based on events emanating from assessments, key risk indicators, incidents, control assessments, and treatment plans
  • Use risk consolidation techniques to quickly summarize the risk profile of your business or organization

Increase agility leveraging a single source of truth

  • Ensure consistency and efficiency in data gathering, follow up on action plans and manage sign offs
  • Effectively engage the business through a collaborative interface and workflows
  • Information effortlessly available to all lines of defense
  • Track risk committee meeting details and communications
SAI360 Risk Scorecard Dashboard
SAI360 Risk Analysis Dashboard

Enable data-driven decision-making that reduces loss

  • Establish ESG objectives (eg. greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable investment, executive compensation, etc.) and stay on target with metrics you can measure
  • Integrate with third-party applications and services to measure key risk indicators
  • Executive-level reporting pre-configured and easily modified to your needs
  • Advanced analytics capabilities to take your insights to new heights

Risk and Control Self-Assessment
Support for top-down and bottom-up assessments with consolidation techniques to summarize the risk profile for a business unit or the organization. Multiple configuration options including risk dimensions, impact and likelihood scales and more.
Risk Mitigation
Streamline management of action plans using automated and configurable workflows that assign owners with triggers – emails, escalations, management sign-off and reports – to ensure resolution stays on track.
Loss & Incident Management
Advanced workflows including capture, notification, routing & escalation, investigations and root cause analysis of losses and incidents.
Indicators Monitoring
Capture and report on KRIs, define thresholds that trigger actions and easily recognize trends with KRI management.
Dashboards & Analytics
Real-time status of your risk program with configurable reports and dashboards including many visualization options, drill down heat maps, risk trends and top risks with overviews and relevant details.

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