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SAI360 is giving companies a new perspective on risk management. By integrating Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) software and Ethics & Compliance Learning resources, SAI360 can broaden your risk horizon and increase your ability to identify, manage, and mitigate risk. See risk from every angle.

SAI360 At a Glance

Partner with 1/3 of the Fortune 500
50+ countries
95% customer support satisfaction
25+ years of experience
Recognized by leading industry analysts
1M+ Users

Who We Are

At SAI360, we are paving the way to a safer world and better future. Companies across the globe are leveraging SAI360 software and learning solutions to centralize and operationalize their efforts to protect their employees, customers, communities, and brand. Providing real-time visibility across the organization, our tools give companies the ability to monitor their ecosystems, identify gaps, and detect small problems before they become emergencies.

Why SAI360


  • Our integrated approach to risk management means manual functions once siloed can be streamlined into a single platform
  • Pre-configured best-practice modules offer rapid time to value. Customers can be up and running within 30 days.
  • A commitment to long-term customer satisfaction and a 95% customer support satisfaction rate
  • Comprehensive learning resources in 60+ languages covering ethics, compliance, and ESG topics​
  • 25+ years of experience as a trusted partner in the field of tech-enabled risk management
  • Recipient of leadership rankings by research firms Gartner, Forrester and Verdantix

Our Customers

SAI360’s customers reflect a variety of industries, including those in high risk and highly regulated sectors like financial services, health and life sciences, energy and utilities, technology, and manufacturing. We work with one third of the Fortune 500 as well as mid-size enterprises and small start-ups. Regardless of their size or industry, SAI360 customers share a proactive approach to managing risk, cultivating a culture of compliance, and embracing their Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) responsibilities. By building partnerships from the C-suite to the factory floor, we empower everyone in their organizations to take ownership of risk and compliance.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Peter Granat

Peter Granat

Chief Executive Officer

Howard Zev

Howard Zev


Christine Adeline

Christine Adeline

Chief Product Officer


Ganesh Santhanam

Vice President, Global Center of Excellence

Vanessa Childs

Vanessa Childs

Chief Operating Officer

katie schreiber

Katie Schreiber

Global Sr. Vice President of HR

Anton Lissone

Anton Lissone

Chief Technology Officer


Lauren Weber

Global Head of Legal

Doug Polignano

Doug Polignano

Chief Finance Officer

Meet Our Customers

Great Customer Servcices

5 stars
"We have utilized the Health, Safety & Environmental components for many years. The system is user friendly and provides tremendous value in tracking our HSE leading and lagging indicators.“

Global HSE Platform

4.5 stars
"What do you like best?
"Implementing standardized process and having a strong analytical tool"
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
"Consolidation of global HSE data - Strong analytical capacities"

The SAI360 system provides us with a useful tool to effectively manage our risks.

5 stars
"We use the system to report incidents and document the investigation findings and corrective actions implemented, the database enables us to identify problematic trends and take appropriate action. We also use the system to manage change, including the risk review, and tracking of actions to implement the change. Identified risks are also reported and manged to mitigation with the system. Risk mitigating actions from other risk identification sources, such as PHA, audits, inspections, etc are tracked in the system, providing a view of which risks are awaiting final mitigation."

Certified System Admin for Compliance360 with many years of great experiences working with SAI360

5 stars
"What do you like best?
"Great functionality across all modules.."
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
"Company wide uniformity for compliance risk tracking."

Solid and versatile Compliance tool, great support from SAI Professional Services

4 stars
"[We like] the flexibility of the system, the convenience of the evidence room feature, the overall system structure.

The tool can cover different aspects of the Compliance topic and support a cross-departments collaborative approach. Top notch Commercial and Professional Services to support the setup process and the system life-cycle. Recent improvements to the system architecture."

All of my experiences with SAI360 have exceeded expectations.

5 stars
"We now have a centralized area for all of the organization's policies and contracts. This has become the source of truth throughout the organization."

Unified GRC platform

4.5 stars
"The best tools in the world don't mean anything is the users can't or won't use them. Because C360 can handle policies, incident reporting, contracts, conflicts of interest, risk assessments, third party assessments, audit management and probably a handful of things I'm forgetting, it acts as a force multiplier stretching scant resources and allowing for the development of subject mater experts in using and configuring the software. There is a massive difference between having to learn and manage 3 or 4 different software tools and a single one."

Good customer relationship, integrated GRC tool

4.5 stars
"The provider helps us assessing operational risks and controls by providing an integrated tool. Furthermore we can track issues/actions in a central database (no stand-alone solutions). And the integrated SAP Business Objects reporting engine is a great reporting tool which supports automation."

Using SAI360 for monitoring of internal controls

5 stars
"We have previously been using Excel as a reporting tool. With SAI360 the internal control monitoring reporting is much easier for the users and the administrator. We have saved considerable time. We also believe we have increased the quality of the reporting."

Unsurpassed | Best in Class

5 stars
"What I like best about SAI360 are two things: The substantial selection of compliance courses along with the best customer service! SAI is always coming up with new and improved training on all topics while their customer service team members Akash Mathur and Bob Cicala are there to help you with any of your training needs!"

SAI360 - Easy to partner with and minimally customize to our policies and culture

4.5 stars
"Ethics and Compliance training is seldom at the top of folks lists of training they look forward to! SAI360 has some good, contemporary learning modules. What I like best of all is the ability to 'customize-lite' these standard modules, adding in text related to our policies and culture, which increases the relevance for our employees. I also like the short 'teaser' communications we use prior to launching a more fulsome ethics training module."

Good eLearning partner providing excellent content & service

4 stars
"eLearning courses offered, content and cooperation extended during course customization"

SAI360 has the best and most ROI

5 stars
"SAI360 is the central repository for all third party risk assessments and internal policy/risk acknowledgement across the enterprise. SAI360 risk intelligence module reports, metrics, and dashboard are used by the Information security and risk management organization"

Amazing ability to customize ... since one-size does NOT fit all!

5 stars
"The main process enhancement we have made since using this application was taking a process that was previously on paper and building that same process as an electronic "form" inside SAI360 where we have been able to not only capture the same information, but now have the ability to actually report off of it if we wanted to do so."

High level of competency

4.5 stars
"Professional team with a genuine approach to help the clients."

SAI360 Timeline

  • sydney bridge sai global


    SAI360 beginnings

    The biggest construction project of its time, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was not only proof of a nation pulling itself up by the bootstraps through infrastructure, it was proof of the need for industrial safety standards. SAI Global’s (later SAI360’s) business is born out of the need to better protect the lives of people and workers.

  • sai global Australia


    A global impact

    SAI Global begins its expansion beyond Australia, entering 31 countries across 60-plus languages and adding assurance and compliance to their capabilities through the acquisition of the Australian Quality Council. SAI Global is formed.

  • sai ehs mining


    Leading EHS

    SAI Global begins a legacy of leading in EHS, helping customers manage risk and create safer work cultures. The acquisition of Cintellate lays the foundation for what would become the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) component on the SAI360 platform.

  • sai global ethics and compliance learning


    Creating Cultural Change

    SAI Global brings employee behavior into their ethics and compliance solution with learning programs designed to train staff and help them take the right actions within organizations. Building from the acquisition of Integrity Interactive, SAI Global begins a legacy of affecting real cultural change in ethics and compliance. This will serve as the anchor for the organization’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) solutions in the years to follow.

  • regulatory change management


    Staying ahead of regulatory change

    SAI Global establishes its first compliance tool, enabling customers to stay ahead of the rapidly shifting regulatory landscape in U.S. Healthcare. Through the acquisition of Compliance360, SAI Global begins offering Risk and Learning solutions to Chief Compliance Officers and General Counsel alike.

  • sai global digital risk


    The forefront of digital risk

    SAI Global acquires Modulo, bringing together risk and compliance with digital risk capabilities to help organizations manage cybersecurity, data privacy, and GDPR compliance. Later that year, Baring Private Equity Asia acquires SAI Global kicking off a new chapter of growth and investment.

  • sai global Chicago hq


    Relocation and continued growth

    In 2017, SAI Global moves its headquarters to Chicago, IL, a hub of technology and innovation in the U.S.

  • sai global bwise


    A single partner

    SAI Global launches the SAI360 platform and deepens its commitment to Integrated Risk Management (IRM) by acquiring Strategic BCP. With the addition of Business Continuity Management solutions, SAI Global offers executives more ways to monitor and respond to risks – whether that be cyber-attacks, geo-political unrest, or social media crises.

  • Audit Management Best Practices


    Integrated GRC

    SAI Global furthers its presence in financial services by adding a robust internal audit and regulatory compliance offering, effectively becoming the most complete integrated approach to risk management on the market. Through the acquisition of BWise from Nasdaq, the company rounds out its capabilities in the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) space and furthers its position as a market leader.

  • sai360 sai global


    Meet the new SAI360

    Following the sale of the SAI Global Standards and Assurance divisions to Intertek Group, the Risk and Learning business rebrands as SAI360 – unifying its name, logo and identity around the visionary SAI360 platform. The evolution of SAI Global to SAI360 marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey, becoming a pure-play cloud software and content business across ESG, GRC, Learning, EHS, and Sustainability.

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