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Business Continuity Management

The recent pandemic and other geopolitical events are reminders that organizations must be prepared for severe plausible and unforeseen disruptions. A strong and adaptable business resilience program that adheres to local legislation begins with a defined strategy to ensure minimal harm to both consumers and financial firms. Let SAI360 help ensure your organization’s resilience with business continuity software that provides the confidence that you can recover from any business disruption.

Expand coverage of critical processes

  • Expand coverage of critical processes
  • Gain clarity across teams and eliminate redundancy with one risk language across data and terminology
  • Effortlessly collect information from your stakeholders
SAI360 Business Continuity Software Risk Map
SAI360 Business Continuity Criticality Dashboard

Improve Business Continuity performance

  • Eliminate gaps between recovery time objectives (RTOs) and capabilities
  • Reduce consequences with thorough testing and exercising of plans
  • Prioritize activities with a data-driven approach
  • Establish a communications plan in the event of data privacy breach

Easily put Crisis Management into action

  • Escalate operational and cyber incidents into crisis events
  • Leverage a real-time view to execute your plan and assign tasks
  • Monitor performance against RTOs
  • Take corrective action and continuously keep people informed via our mobile-responsive interface
View Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs)
SAI360 Business Continuity mobile alerts

Confidently recover anytime and anywhere

  • Instantly notify your team and stakeholders by integrating your emergency mass notification system (OnSolve, Everbridge)
  • Track progress and resources as events unfold
  • Roll out your solution across the globe with features like localization of date format and multi-lingual content of labels and screens

Learn how to assess your business resilience

Explore all capabilities
Enterprise Risk Assessment
Not all risk platforms cover all aspects of the enterprise risk management process. If you can’t identify and analyze the risks that may affect your organization’s ability to deliver its most important products and services, you can’t recover. With our integrated risk system, you can upload enterprise risk management frameworks and details, relate risks to processes and gain insights. You can reuse assessment work of others, speak the same language, share information and gain better insights, enabling objective assessment evaluation.
Business Impact Assessment (BIA)
The BIA is the foundation to any strong business continuity management program and many stakeholders waste time assessing non-critical processes and impact factors. By not being able to properly assess the criticality of your processes, you cannot determine how to best recover. With our proprietary algorithms and custom reporting, we help you build your business impact analysis quickly and effectively to manage risk objectively.
Recovery Strategy
It’s challenging to collect key information from multiple stakeholders, update and distribute plans. Without a central repository of up to date plans, you cannot get back online and restore IT assets, especially during concurrent disasters. With our business continuity management solution, be prepared when disasters occur with standard operating procedures for your recovery processes, a plan generator and a central plan repository.
Crisis Management
Having your plan defined, properly exercised, and refined is great.  Putting that plan into action is hard.  With our crisis event management feature you can easily manage all the activities needed to survive the crisis and recover from it.  Assets affected by a crisis event drive the activation of the corresponding crisis & recovery plans.  Mass notifications can be sent to all affected persons and those responsible for plan activity are sent tasks to their mobile device.
Business Continuity Plans
It’s hard to stay on top of which plans are missing, which plans are outdated, and the outstanding actions required. If you don’t have the information to identify threats, vulnerabilities, and gaps, you can’t get immediate insights into your most vulnerable processes. With our business continuity plan, you can improve resilience against threats with our BC software’s proprietary methodology to build BIAs.
Recovery Test & Exercise
In the event of a disaster, the absence of a clear plan combined with lack of communication makes the situation much worse. Every second counts and a crisis can escalate quickly with long term impact on your reputation and bottom line. Swiftly access your comprehensive crisis management plans to deliver a centralized response with clear roles and tasks to any event.
Action Management
Things don’t always go according to plan. If you can’t identify when and why things went wrong, you can’t fix them for next time. And there will be a next time. Assess what happened during your incident or exercise and understand why it happened with action management. Leverage full workflow capabilities to document actions, follow up on issues and track remediation plans and assignments to discover what to do differently next time.
Dashboard & Analytics
One of the biggest challenges for business continuity managers is getting executive leadership buy-in. Without support from executives, business continuity programs struggle to get the budget and resources they need to succeed. With our easy to read and comprehensive executive and management dashboards, your executive leadership can obtain profound insight into the success of your business continuity program.
Life Safety, Workplace Violence Training
Ensure your entire organization knows how to respond in the first few minutes after an incident. Life Safety training, drills and exercises training program can make a huge difference in keeping your employees and associates safe.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I’ve been doing business continuity for 16 years. Previously we were working out of Excel and then SharePoint. We moved to [SAI360]’s business continuity software because it was very straightforward and improved our efficiency over the manual processes we were using. Everything was included. We really really like it and it makes my job a lot easier.”

– Steve Ritter, Energy Transfer

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