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Gifts & Hospitality

Quickly detect, respond to, and resolve emerging improprieties.

SAI360 Compliance Management Portal, showing Policies, Gift Reporting and Conflict of Interest Reporting

Simplify tracking

  • Easily automate routing of disclosures for review and approval with a built-in workflow
  • Upload multiple gifts simultaneously with gift submission forms
  • Better manage information with configurable data entry forms tailored to your needs

Identify policy variances—quickly

  • Set and enforce giving and receiving limits for employees on each gift submission
  • Establish automated checks for applicable limits
  • Auto-approve gifts and hospitalities within company policy thresholds
Easily track gifts and automatically highlight improprieties.
Conflict of Interest Dashboards & Analytics

Maintain compliance control

  • Effortlessly store and track gift submissions from a central, organized repository
  • Monitor all activity and trends from configurable online dashboards and reports
  • Reliably know what has been reported and what actions have been taken to resolve issues

Explore our
pre-built healthcare modules

The SAI360 Healthcare GRC solution offers tailor-made modules for healthcare and managed care providers in the US.

Get your organization’s gifts and hospitality processes under control, quickly.

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