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SIG Lite

A standard set of questions to structure your compliance risk assessments of third-party vendors

What Is SIG Lite?

The Shared Assessments Standardized Information Gathering (SIG) Questionnaire allows organizations to build, customize, analyze, and store vendor assessments for managing third-party risk. It aligns with the most updated U.S. and international regulatory guidance and industry standards.

SIG Lite is a condensed version of the SIG, designed to provide a basic, preliminary review of third-party information security controls and risk management.

At a Glance
StandardSIG Lite
Released2019, continuously revised
SAI360 SolutionThird-Party Risk &
Vendor Risk Management
Compliance Standards, Frameworks and Regulations Questionnaires

Why Is SIG Lite Important?

SIG Lite helps identify third-party and vendor information security gaps, including privacy and ESG, so your organization can better manage risk and minimize business disruption.

How SAI360 Supports SIG Lite

SAI360 can help you reduce the threat of third-party business disruptions with our flexible, agile approach to risk management. Our cloud-first software and modern ethics and compliance learning content maps risk to requirements, automates assessments, and improves compliance and business performance. It enables you to make agile decisions using up-to-the-minute dashboards for key metrics to:

  • Reduce uncertainty around third parties and determine vendor criticality
  • Proactively identify potential risks, verify compliance, monitor for changes
  • Keep contracts organized and current

If you are looking to operationalize your third-party risk management strategy to include SIG Lite questionnaires, SAI360 provides a solution that is ready to help you meet the expectations of your shareholders, regulators, customers, and partners.

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