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Regulatory Change Management

Managing the sheer volume of regulatory requirements can be costly and time-consuming. SAI360’s Regulatory Change Management software combines augmented regulatory content and intuitive workflow management in one powerful solution so you can confidently assure your board and regulators of your proactive approach to regulatory change.

Expand coverage of ever-growing laws and regulations

  • Stay on top of requirements with on demand regulatory content
  • Proactively monitor concepts, guidance, and proposals
  • Quickly review new or revised laws, regulations, bulletins and directives delivered via automated daily feeds curated for your industry
SAI360 Regulatory Change Management Repository
SAI360 Regulatory Change Action Plan

Streamline action with augmented content, collaboration, and automation

  • Interpret regulatory changes from plain language provided by our industry subject matter experts
  • Automate assessment distribution to multiple employees and business partners
  • Create action plans and assign ownership to maximize your team’s efficiency and accountability

360-degree visibility of impact

  • Assess risk across multiple factors
  • Relate to existing action plans or affected jurisdictions, products and services
  • Identify impacted business processes, assets, or policies (such as Labor Practices, Conflicts of Interest, or Code of Ethics)
SAI360 Regulatory Horizon Scanning Risk Assessment
SAI360 Regulatory Change Dashboard View

Avoid penalties and reduce reputational risk

  • View changes, impact, action plan status and more in consolidated dashboards
  • Increase transparency for regulators, auditors, and other stakeholders
  • Make better decisions with intelligent dashboards and actionable analytics

Explore All Capabilities
Regulatory Content
Regulatory content, standards and compliance obligations are stored in a central, active repository. Regulatory changes are analyzed and structured into a standardized feed.
Workflow Management
Send and follow-up on action plans with e-mail notifications linked to relevant regulatory updates, business entities and policies. Pre‐configure workflow templates to modify and create new, custom workflows to address specific needs. Automate stakeholder distribution.
Dashboard & Analytics
Real-time reports and dashboards include an aggregated view of changes, impact and action plan status.

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