The SAI360 GRC Solution

Governance, Risk, and Compliance Software

View risk and compliance through a different lens

Access tailored modules, in-depth analytics, and comprehensive insights, all at your fingertips to safeguard your business.

Integrated GRC from Every Angle

Gain a comprehensive view of risks to make informed decisions, effectively managing threats and seizing opportunities from every angle. Our GRC software paves the way to a secure, compliant, and prosperous future. Choose from 20+ preconfigured modules, including:

Integrated modules tailored to fit your needs

These modules enable you to oversee, control, and proactively address disruptions, safeguarding your business. With the capacity to span enterprise-wide, our software offers a unified solution for comprehensive risk management across all facets of your organization, ensuring a seamless fit for your requirements.

Industry-leading technology delivering efficiency and security

Our GRC software is powered by cutting-edge technology, featuring seamless workflow, robust integrations, advanced reporting, AI capabilities, top-tier security, and a cloud-based platform. Best practice modules and professional services further enhance its effectiveness, providing a comprehensive solution for streamlined and secure risk management.

Robust reporting and analytics enable you to quickly assess risk

Our robust reporting and analytics enable quick risk assessment and opportunity identification, facilitating data-driven decisions-making. Stay ahead of challenges and uncover growth prospects by leveraging our insights, whether it’s mitigating vulnerabilities or seizing strategic advantages.

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Worldwide Frameworks, Standards and Regulations

SAI360 offers built-in, pre-mapped standards and controls to support your specific compliance requirements, wherever you are in the world, making operationalizing GRC easier and faster.

See how you can manage risk from every angle.