How Velan Inc. Transformed Compliance Training with SAI360

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Velan Inc. has over 60 years of history in designing, engineering, and manufacturing industrial valves. Once privately owned, Velan Inc. is now a public corporation. Today, they manufacture various types of valves used in multiple markets such as: oil and gas, nuclear, and military. Based in Montreal, Canada, they have plants and subsidiaries around the world, including offices across the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Below, we showcase the collaborative efforts of Velan Inc. and SAI360 in bolstering their compliance training into an efficient, tailored, and engaging process that benefits both employees and the organization. This collaboration serves as a testament to the significance of choosing the right partner for compliance training in today’s interconnected world.


    Before adopting SAI360, different subsidiaries or parts of the company handled compliance training independently. Velan Inc. recognized the need for a more standardized and centralized training approach.
    Velan Inc. understood the format and flow of the training content were crucial. Employees needed training that was visually engaging, straightforward, and easy to follow. Lengthy and complex training sessions were not conducive to effective learning.
    In their quest to find the ideal compliance training solution, Velan Inc. evaluated several products in the market. They considered factors such as the quality of training content, pricing and the capabilities of the vendors. It was a thorough vetting process to ensure they selected an appropriate partner.
    The chosen training platform had to be user-friendly, allowing employees to easily navigate and understand the content. Complex or confusing interfaces would hinder the training process.
    With a global workforce spread across different regions, Velan Inc. needed to provide training in multiple languages.

Said Liam Turner, Velan Inc.’s Senior Director of Legal Services and Export Compliance on choosing an international vendor, “We considered leveraging other suppliers. However, their offerings were either not cost-effective or not wide-ranging enough. We were looking for a respected international company that had appropriate resources to leverage and was able to move quickly to perform quality translations at cost effective pricing.”

Echoed Madeline Tata, Velan Inc’s Specialist for Documentation and Compliance, training had to accommodate Canada’s linguistic diversity. These language requirements necessitated a comprehensive approach to training.


After careful consideration and a rigorous vetting process, Velan Inc. chose SAI360 as its compliance training partner for its Code of Conduct training.

As Liam said, “We went through numerous suppliers and ultimately chose SAI360. We are very satisfied with their service offering, their pricing, and their ability to tailor the Code of Conduct training to our specific needs.”

Further elaborating on the company’s requirements, Liam mentioned, “SAI360 assisted us in scaling up the compliance culture within Velan. Compliance awareness amongst stakeholders is dynamic, and SAI360 assisted us in bolstering our existing processes using their compliance platforms.”

We realized the advantages of leveraging SAI360’s expertise in this domain to provide us with an appropriate and cost-effective solution.

    SAI360 offered Velan Inc. the flexibility they needed to tailor training content to their specific requirements. This included incorporating CEO messages and aligned the training with the company’s corporate branding. Customization was key to making the training content resonate with Velan’s employees and stakeholders.
    As Liam pointed out, “With this particular platform, we were able to customize it to ensure that our employees remained engaged and focused throughout the training.”
    Velan Inc. expressed their satisfaction with SAI360’s customer service. Regular online interactions fortified the strong relationship between Velan Inc. and SAI360.
    Given Velan Inc.’s global workforce, high-quality translations were essential. SAI360’s ability to deliver uniform training adaptable to different languages and tailored to Velan’s specific requirements proved invaluable.


With the decision made, Velan Inc. set out to implement SAI360’s compliance training platform. “The training was really important because when we did the pilot project with a sample group of our employees, we received some very positive feedback from stakeholders who enjoyed the platform, and the tailored content,” Madeline said.

Regarding their global outreach, Liam added, “We have many different subsidiaries in different countries. We wanted to have one uniform training platform that could be customized into the various languages where we have a footprint. We realized the advantages of leveraging SAI360’s expertise in this domain to provide us with an appropriate and cost-effective solution.”


Velan Inc.’s journey with SAI360 highlights the importance of selecting a compliance training partner that understands an organization’s unique needs, including language diversity and standardization requirements.

SAI360’s customization, efficiency, and responsive customer service proved crucial in achieving Velan’s compliance training goals. As businesses globalize, the need for adaptable and efficient training platforms becomes increasingly vital, and Velan found a valuable solution in SAI360.

This case study underscores the significance of choosing the right partner for compliance training in today’s interconnected world, where compliance is not just a necessity but a cornerstone of organizational success.

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How Velan Inc. Transformed Compliance Training with SAI360 - case study
Case Study with Velan Inc.


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