Natural Power Adopts a Modern EHS Platform to Enable Comprehensive Risk Reporting

Following its implementation of SAI360 EHS&S, Natural Power anticipates a stronger governance and management framework that will efficiently accommodate risk scaling as the company grows.

Natural Power: Adopting a Modern EHS Platform to Enable Comprehensive Risk Reporting

Natural Power is a global service provider and independent consultant for green energy projects. Since 1995, the company’s expert teams have provided advice on more than 6,000 projects to help create a world powered by renewable energy.

The compliance challenge

Natural Power is a multidisciplinary company whose work involves frequent working offline and in isolation in remote environments.

As its customer base grew, it was clear that the company’s initial method of using spreadsheets, Word documentation and an outdated incident management system was not providing a unified view of environmental, health and safety (EHS) performance and risks across the organization. Among the challenges the company faced were:

  • Limited transparency making oversight difficult
  • Limited organization-wide accessibility to software tools made it difficult to improve risk cultures and develop effective governance
  • Lack of integration with multiple key systems, leading to unnecessary administrative hours
  • Limited integrated reporting, which made delivery of the risk governance framework inefficient

The solution

The company partnered with SAI360 to implement a dedicated EHS and Operational Risk Management platform that enables team members at all levels of the organization to understand risks, report them through a readily accessible mobile platform and manage related actions as part of a larger risk management framework that encourages organization-wide change.

​​The results

Natural Power achieved simple, real-time capture of observations and incidents through mobile reporting. The company now utilizes a centralized information management approach that offers multiple ways to view and leverage information within a single platform, streamlining workflows and reducing time spent collecting and compiling key risk data from multiple sources.

We have a lot more people trusting the platform and using it more.

– Bethany Butler, HSEQ Administrator, Natural Power



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