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 Technology to support and measure your success

Effective and mature E&C programs don’t just deliver great training. They’re carefully designed with customized experiences that change behavior and mitigate risk. We’re continually innovating the ways you can host, deliver, personalize and measure your ethics and compliance training to make it more valuable for your learners and align with how your organization operates.

Powerful Proprietary Technology

  • Our Course Player is designed to capture detailed and meaningful data for each learner, no matter the LMS, for the life of your program
  • Performance Dashboards aggregate and visualize real-time data, sort and filter it, and identify risks to capture your organization’s risk profile and training efficacy
  • Our smart and fast self-service course editing tool puts you in control to instantly edit, preview, test, and launch your customized training
  • Training in the Flow of Work helps users better understand Conflicts of Interest, while the real-time analytics dashboard equips administrators to respond to potential COI liabilities as they arise across your organization
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Flexible LMS

While our Course Player and Analytics will work on any LMS, the SAI360 LMS is designed to help you plan and deliver to a global workforce

  • Leverage templates and dashboards that streamline the start-to-finish launch and measurement of a key initiative
  • Drive engagement and participation with robust email capabilities
  • Host any E&C training you use, whether purchased from a vendor or built in-house
  • Give employees and third parties a branded and personalized hub to access key resources and information, available in 50+ languages

Inclusive & Modern Content

While our Course Player and Analytics will work on any LMS, the SAI360 LMS is designed to help you plan and deliver to a global workforce

  • All training and learning content is built with responsive design to function optimally on any mobile device, tablet, or computer
  • Our diverse approach to training content includes immersive simulations, gamification, and shorter “micro-learning” offerings
  • Courses are compliant with WCAG 2.0 AA level accessibility standards and the US American Disabilities Act (ADA) 508
  • Profiling is built into content to ensure everyone in your organization receives the correct training based on their location, role, responsibilities, and prior experiences
  • Adaptive learning best practices allow us to take a learner down a specific path based on how they respond and react to certain situations
  • Offline Learning materials that include course presentations, facilitator guides, press play videos, and more ensure that quality content is accessible to all learners in your organization

Hosting & Integration

  • SAI360’s training is LMS agnostic, meaning you can use a third-party or in-house LMS instead of SAI360’s to deliver our learning content to your audience
  • We support multiple publishing models, including SCORM, to remove any barriers to your program’s success
  • Easily integrate with your HR systems to incorporate learner demographic data
  • Connect training to policies, automate processes between risk and compliance, conduct better risk assessments and create a real-time view of compliance risk without silos

We Take Your Data Seriously

Best-in-class data centers

SAI360’s training LMS

Full data privacy & protection

SAI360’s training LMS

Independently certified security

SAI360’s training LMS

Industry-leading storage & recovery

SAI360’s training LMS

State-of-the-art threat detection

SAI360’s training LMS SAI360’s training LMS

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