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Data-driven measurement of training program performance

Influenced by in-house Ethics & Compliance Officers and their programs, SAI360’s Performance Dashboard has been designed from the ground-up to give you the insights and analytics you need, available in our easy-to-use platform and powered by real data from your learners.

LMS-Agnostic Program Data

  • SAI360 Performance Dashboards are LMS agnostic and compatible with SAI360’s flagship LMS, alternative LMS providers, and in-house technology integrations
  • Record, review, and analyze how every employee engaging with your training responds to the questions and the situations presented to them
  • Collect a daily inflow of performance metrics that updates automatically and grows over time, from basic completions to advanced risk-based interactions
SAI360 Dashboard Overview - Learning -Analytics Page - ETHICS & COMPLIANCE ANALYTICS
SAI360 Performance - Learning - Analytics Page - ETHICS & COMPLIANCE ANALYTICS

Create On-Demand Reports

  • Access your Performance Dashboard on any device, at any time, so you can easily generate on-demand reports to find answers and identify trends
  • Gain efficiencies with collaborative workflows and interactive risk dashboards
  • Integrate with third-party applications and services for a comprehensive understanding of the risks across your enterprise and supply chain

Conduct In-Depth Risk Analysis

  • Explore your program from new angles with demographic, regional, and role-specific data
  • Drill down to the root-cause of potential non-compliance and unethical conduct
  • Connect your E&C program to the SAI360 platform to implement risk management workflows tied to your findings

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