SAI360 Platform for E&C Teams

Technology to support and measure your success

Effective and mature E&C programs don’t just deliver great training. They’re carefully designed with customized experiences that change behavior and mitigate risk, and built to capture comprehensive data that can reveal areas of weakness and track your progress. Here’s how we can help.

R2 Cloud

A powerful foundation built on 20 years of innovation


SAI360 Platform for E&C Teams: Flexible technology to support your program

  • Customize your training – Editor tool to brand and personalize content, save it, and prepare it for launch
  • Measure what matters – Course Player designed to capture detailed and meaningful data for each learner, no matter the LMS, for the life of your program
  • Quantify your progress – Program Dashboard to aggregate and visualize real-time data, sort and filter it, identify risks, and create reports
  • Streamline your collaboration – In-platform support makes it faster than ever to work with your dedicated team of experts
  • Integrate your COI workflows – Flow of Work Risk & Training capabilities help respond to Conflicts of Interest liabilities as they arise across your organization
Keep tabs on internal audit process with up-to-the-minute progress reports.

Cloud Technology

Pervasive cloud technology means our tools and expertise are always available, anywhere and everywhere.



Manage your program’s campaigns with the SAI360 LMS

While our Editor, Training, and Analytics will work on LMS, the SAI360 LMS is designed to help you plan and deliver to a global workforce.

The SAI360 LMS enables you to:

  • Simplify your planning and communications around monthly, quarterly, and annual initiatives tailored to key risks and code topics
  • Give employees and third-parties a branded and personalized hub to access key resources and information, available in 50+ languages
  • Leverage templates and dashboards that streamline the start-to-finish launch and measurement of a key initiative.
Automate Disclosure Reporting

Implementation was great, it integrates well with their other products.

“Great resource for news and compliance help. Practical guidance and usable tools. Integrates well with other 360 tools we use for compliance and risk management and law.”


We Take Your Data Seriously

Best-in-class data centers

SAI360’s training LMS

Full data privacy & protection

SAI360’s training LMS

Independently certified security

SAI360’s training LMS

Industry-leading storage & recovery

SAI360’s training LMS

State-of-the-art threat detection

SAI360’s training LMS SAI360’s training LMS

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