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This Week in Compliance and Ethics: March 10 – 25, 2018




Stories about ethics, compliance, culture, and risk 

The Cambridge Analytica Files: The Story So Far

On The Guardian, Patrick Greenfield breaks down the story surrounding Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics firm that has been in the news this month because of a whistleblower's report over the unethical and potentially illegal use of data tied to millions of Facebook profiles. Catch up on the full story here, because it seems like we'll be hearing about it for a long time, especially given it's relevance with the upcoming implementation of GDPR. 

For additional perspective on Cambridge Analytica, read this story in Reuters about how this scandal has impacted the levels of trust that people have with Facebook in relation to the protection of their data and privacy, and this story in Wired that explains why a data breach of this nature was so inevitable that MIT social scientists predicted it over a decade ago.   

#MeToo Called for an Overhaul. Are Workplaces Really Changing?

In The New York Times, Jodi Kantor takes a look at the progress being made five months after #MeToo and the work that still needs to be done to overcome sexual misconduct and harassment in organizations around the world. 

US Rates of Reported Misconduct Sets National Record; Retaliation Has Doubled

On ECI Connects, the Ethics and Compliance Initiative shares the insights and findings from their new Global Business Ethics Survey (GBES), a survey of 18,000 employees around the world. Two key findings are that employees are reporting misconduct more often than years past, but also experiencing higher levels of retaliation as a result. You can read about the survey findings here and read additional coverage of the findings on Radical Compliance and in the Wall Street Journal

Reducing Risks with Brand and Culture

On The Ethical Leader blog, Yan Tougas, Global Ethics and Compliance Officer at UTC, shares his thoughts on the importance of an ethical culture and brand when it comes to preventing unethical behavior and having a strong compliance program. 

Put Your Faith in the Brand, Not the Bribe

In a new post on the FCPA Blog, Richard Bistrong details the mindset and psychology behind his decision to bribe a Dutch police officer and violate the FCPA. His reflective story on what went wrong and what he's learned reinforces the importance of clearly demonstrating the value, and values, of an organization's brand, and how that knowledge can give employees the confidence to conduct business ethically. 

Engaging Employees Starts with Remembering What Your Company Stands For

In the Harvard Business Review, Denise Lee Yohn describes the core elements of employee brand engagement and details how to become more effective at connecting employee behavior to the values of an organization. With only 13% of employees engaged according to Gallup, Denise shares important lessons to help overcome disengagement. 


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