Celebrating World Quality

World Quality Day is November 8. Why is it so important to recognize quality? Our experts share their opinions.

November 8 marks World Quality Day. Quality is something many of us intrinsically know is ‘good’ — but what does it really mean?  Why is it important to understand and recognize quality?

To answer that question, we turned to three SAI Global employees in our Assurance business and asked. Below is a short summary of their points of view. Click through to the short video to watch and hear ‘quality’ in their own words.

  • Tim Jacob, Chief Operating Officer – Assurance – Tim speaks to the operational and business benefits of integrally incorporating quality into an organization. Further, he speaks about how quality needs to be part of the organization’s culture.
  • Holly Cardozo, Head of Marketing for Assurance – USC – Holly talks about consumers’ rising expectations, and the position that brands are in to meet and exceed these expectations to maintain their integrity. Trust and quality go hand-in-hand, and are essential to customer retention.

  • Nicola Woods, Learning Portfolio Manager for Assurance – Nicola shares that by helping educate organizations on understanding, implementing, and assuring quality management systems are in place, they will then have the confidence to deliver on their stakeholder expectations.

“Quality builds trust, and reputations are built on trust.”

– Nicola Woods, Learning portfolio Manager for Assurance


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