The Making of the Modern CISO

Evolving Risks, Roles, and Rewards

The Making of the Modern CISO eBook delivers a glimpse into the DNA of today’s Chief Information Security Officer. Part computer geek, part investigative analyst and part law enforcer, these high-level competencies define the role of four industry-leading CISOs.

Chief Information Security Officers from LogMeIn, University of California, Davis, Motorola Mobility, and the American Red Cross (in 2018) offer distinct views of themselves as first-responders and guardians of their organizations. Yet they all have the courage to be both vulnerable and impenetrable at the same time.

As the eBook reminds us, the CISO of today must understand the technical side of cybersecurity in addition to enterprise risk management. They must also know how both disciplines impact an organization’s ability to successfully drive the business forward.

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