A Challenging Climate: 2020 is a Defining Year for Climate Change and BCM

2020 is a defining year for climate change and business continuity planning, James Green writes in Disaster Recovery Journal. BCM teams have an opportunity to take action and build resilience by tapping into the discipline's structured methodology.

“As business continuity professionals, we’re no strangers to the effects which weather can have on business. When it comes to coping with the real impact of climate change, we are on the front line. And with the world confronted with the reality of climate change-related extreme weather events and threats, we can no longer plan for an incident that may never happen; we have to prepare for the inevitable.

“But whether you’re a climate skeptic or denier, for the business world one truth is evident across all industries: companies which ignore climate-related risks are likely to feel the consequences – both in terms of reputation and financial damage.”

Director of Risk Advisory Services, SAI Global


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