Why 2020 Is the Year to Reshape Your Code of Conduct and Build a Culture of Integrity

Rebecca Turco, formerly the Senior Vice President of Learning and Content at SAI360, writes about building an ethical culture in Ethical Boardroom magazine’s Winter 2020 issue.

Check it out online at Ethical Boardroom magazine or read her article here (pdf).

The corporate scandals we’ve witnessed in recent years are creating a new level of awareness when it comes to what can happen if ethics aren’t integral to the way organizations operate. With codes of conduct now more important than ever, how effective is yours at influencing culture and motivating employee behavior?

Culture – the shared set of values, mindsets and assumptions distinct to an organization – is the single biggest factor determining the amount of misconduct that will take place. The reflection of a company’s values is found in its code of conduct.

Starting each year with a reaffirmation of company values is a significant opportunity to reinforce an ‘ethical tone’ for a business. Here is where simple, effective leadership can have a big impact.

Published in Ethical Boardroom magazine’s Winter 2020 issue.


Learn how SAI360 can enable organizations like yours to create a cultural climate that integrates ethics and integrity.

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