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What’s New: SAI360 Ethics and Compliance Learning (R2 2020)

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted many organizations to adopt remote workforces, impacting their cultures, team dynamics, compliance training plans and risk mitigation strategies.

To do our part to help manage these uncertain times, we’ve curated a collection of new and existing training and learning content, which we’ve made available for free. They’re shorter than 10 minutes, work on any device, and available in multiple languages.

Manage employee stressWe all feel stress at some point in our life and trying to maintain a healthy mindset during the constant uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic can be a challenge for anyone. To help your organization address this, we prepared “Life Safety at Work: Mental Health,” a new training experience filled with simple strategies to relieve stress and recognize a colleague who may need a helping hand. 
Ensure data privacyOur “Safeguarding Company Assets” training focuses on data privacy, misuse of company time, inaccurate reporting, fraud, and other existing, heightened risks of a new remote workforce.
Train employees remotelyTo support and reinforce existing training and program plans, we’re providing three 60-second videos that you can deliver in a virtual meeting, over email, and through internal social media channels. They cover the importance of careful communications online and on social media, how hackers create new data privacy and cybersecurity risks in a global pandemic, and healthy habits for a safe workplace to help flatten the curve. 
Maintain a culture of complianceTo help your managers and leaders maintain a culture of compliance, we’ve partnered with CampbellBarr to offer teams the option of three new Leader-Led Discussion toolkits. We designed them to be used in a virtual team meeting to quickly start a facilitated conversation around ethics and compliance topics: Time pressuresVan Halen and M&Ms, and bribery
Train employees on latest topics such as CCPA and PIPEDAIn addition to these free resources, available in SAI Global’s COVID-19 Ethics and Compliance Resource Center, we’ve also recently built and released new training on GDPR, SAPIN II, CCPA, Global Sexual Harassment, PIPEDA, and a new bundle of risk-based topics tailored to Boards of Directors and C-Suite executives.

See the updated risk management solutions available with SAI360’s latest release, R2 2020.


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