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2020 Benchmark Report: Best Practices for Ethics and Compliance Programs

Our 2020 benchmark report of best practices in ethics and compliance programs reveals key global leader insights.

The challenges that our community is facing in an increasingly complex risk and compliance environment led us to launch an independent research initiative. Our team set out to identify and examine the ethics and compliance program goals organizations aspire to achieve, and what’s stopping them from doing so while ensuring a strategic balance of risk, culture, and value.

Our goals were to better understand how global compliance teams are managing their programs and investing their time and money, to ensure you can accomplish your goals around risk mitigation, culture building, and regulatory expectations.

What we could never have expected are the circumstances 2020 has presented us with, a global pandemic changing the landscape of our societal and economic health and wellness. We’re all experiencing the impact of COVID-19 together and hope, first and foremost, that you, your family and your friends are safe.

This new crisis will test all our values and ability to understand and comply with changing rules and policies. The behavioral shifts we experience over the coming months will leave a lasting impact, even beyond our time as remote workers in makeshift home offices. We do not claim to offer definitive solutions to the challenges that ethics and compliance teams face; indeed, our research is ongoing with a view to publishing more definitive findings later this year.

We hope our assessment provides valuable insights into the current state of ethics and compliance and that is may inform your perspective around the time and money your organization invests in ethics and compliance programs. What we do next will shape our cultures for years to come.

Survey methodology

This report represents our initial research findings from our 2020 Ethics and Compliance Benchmark Report Survey, based on the views of 180 senior ethics and compliance leaders collected between June and December of 2019. More than 30 industries are represented by the data, with the top 10 industry participants recognized in healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, education, technology, aerospace and defense, automotive, finance, government, and professional services.

Over 70% of the participants are specialized in ethics and compliance roles, with HR, legal, and audit teams sharing insights as well. 41% of organizations represented have over 5,000 employees, 27% have 1,000-5,000 employees, and 32% have less than 1,000 employees. 39% of participants generate over $1 billion in annual revenue, with 26% falling between $50 million and $999 million, and remaining participants split between those earning less than $50 million (22%) and non-profit and government organizations (19%). The vast majority of participants are headquartered in North America and Europe, with survey representation across six continents and multinational reach.

Ethics & Compliance Training that Works | SAI360 whitepaper


Disclaimer: SAI360’s 2020 Ethics and Compliance Benchmark Report Survey was conducted before the pandemic declaration and before the COVID-19 outbreak, but in our Global Leader Insights report on Best Practices for Ethics and Compliance Programs we have done our best to consider the data we collected through the lens of what is happening around the world today.


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