Ethics and Compliance in “The Morning Show”

This week’s guest on the “Innovation In Compliance” podcast is Sean Freidlin, Director of Product Marketing at SAI Global. He and host Tom Fox chat about the article Sean wrote, “Rise and Shine: The Morning Show’s Wakeup Call to Corporate America.”

SAI Global's director of Learning product marketing, Sean Freidlin, reviewed “The Morning Show,” produced by Apple TV+, as it reached the end of its first season. Tom Fox, who hosts a popular podcast series on the Compliance Podcast Network, had a conversation with Sean about his blog, discussing how the central themes in the show overlap with the common themes addressed in ethics and compliance programs. Issues such as sexual harassment, diversity and inclusion, whistleblowing and retaliation are issues that many companies – and “The Morning Show” – deal with. Sean commented that he applauds the risks Apple took to make the show, which shows their commitment to speak up about abuse of power when they see it.

Highlighted are several lessons that ethics and compliance professionals can garner from the show, including:

  • Some people don’t know what isn’t allowed
  • There should be a deeper commitment to communicating company values and policies
  • The show highlights the role personal connections and relationships play in perpetuating a culture where people don’t do the right thing


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