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SAI360 EHS&S Software Recognized as a Top Preferred EHS Software Brand

In Verdantix’s Global Corporate Survey 2022: EHS Software Brands Recognition, SAI360 EHS software is recognized as a top preferred EHS&S brand.

Independent analyst firm Verdantix recently asked more than 300 Environment, Health, Safety  (EHS) decision-makers across 25 industries from 31 countries to rate their brand perceptions on the capabilities of 33 EHS software vendors. Brand preference was defined as the respondents perceiving that an EHS software vendor had either market-leading or strong capabilities. In the survey, 24 percent of the respondents rated SAI360 EHS and Sustainability (EHS&S) software capabilities as Strong, putting SAI360 in the top three preferred EHS software brands.

EHS is the most significant business function with regard to implementing sustainability strategies

According to the “Global Corporate Survey: ESG and Sustainability Governance Strategies and Priorities” by Verdantix, EHS is the most significant business function with regard to implementing sustainability strategies. EHS can operationalize environmental, social, governance (ESG) because it has knowledge and experience, mature and tested technology, and ground data to support ESG reporting.

With many large firms seeking to consolidate systems, Verdantix advocates the ability to aggregate EHS, ESG, and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) into a single platform. SAI360 is the leading cloud provider that connects ESG, GRC, and EHS&S into a single platform that is designed to grow with the business. Our integrated approach sets us apart, helping organizations across the globe thrive, create trust, understand their impact and achieve resilience.

SAI360’s EHS&S solution supports organizations’ ESG strategies with modules for Metrics and Target Management, Audit, Emissions Management, Vendor Risk, and more. SAI360 One point EHS Software

In all, SAI360’s innovative cloud software and mobile app offer 25+ modules covering EHS, ESG, Sustainability, and Operational Risk Management.


The latest release of SAI360’s EHS&S software offers the increased support that EHS&S professionals need to be strategic ESG business partners.

  • ESG and sustainability goals, objectives, and target management – Capabilities that bring together ESG & Sustainability metrics, goals, and targets into a centralized system of record.
  • Just-in-time mobile procedural walkthroughs to drive engagement and participation in process safety – Optimized for mobile to provide users with anytime, anywhere access to feature-rich, interactive step-by-step procedural checklists and guide them through every critical step of a job. Procedural Walkthroughs is the perfect tool for all procedures and safe work instructions.
  • New mobile Lockout/Tagout to get more work done safely – Effective Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) is critical to ensure that energy sources cannot cause injuries and fatalities.

While looking for a suitable, cost-effective solution to digitalize EHS, ESG, and Sustainability, organizations should consider the following factors:

  • A solution that provides ‘anywhere, anytime’ capability and helps an organization empower its mobile workforce.
  • Easy and quick deployment
  • Data security – a solution that protects information down to the field level.
  • Flexible integration options for systems and device interconnections

These are just a few values SAI360 clients leverage when implementing SAI360 EHS and Sustainability solutions. With representation across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, and the Asia Pacific, SAI360 can help organizations build a global presence with the expertise and knowledge to service local markets.

Learn more about our EHS & Sustainability Software and Mobile Application. Or request a demo to see the latest functionality in action and discover how SAI360 has helped organizations like yours.

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