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What’s New: SAI360 EHS&S Release 2022.1, with ESG and Sustainability and Roam 5.8

SAI360’s latest EHS&S release enables you to achieve EHS and sustainability goals, objectives and target management.

The growing importance of ESG at the back of a health pandemic is putting EHS & Sustainability teams at the center of driving and supporting ESG initiatives. According to the “Global Corporate Survey: ESG And Sustainability Governance, Strategies And Priorities” by independent analyst firm Verdantix, EHS is the most significant business function with regard to implementing sustainability strategies.

The latest release of SAI360’s EHS&S software offers the increased support that EHS & Sustainability professionals need to be strategic ESG business partners while continuing to improve environment, health, safety and sustainability performance.

ESG and sustainability goals, objectives and target management

The release adds capabilities that bring together ESG & Sustainability metrics, goals and targets into a centralized system of record.  Organizations can create goals, objectives, action plans and targets.  When combined with our Metrics Management module, organizations can measure and demonstrate the performance and effectiveness of their ESG & Sustainability initiatives and goals.

SAI360 EHS&S: ESG & Sustainability Goals, Objectives and Target Management


Just-in-time mobile procedural walkthroughs

With Procedural Walkthroughs, organizations can turn paper procedures into interactive mobile guides to help protect workers.

Procedural Walkthroughs are designed and optimized for our mobile application, Roam, to provide users in the field with anytime access to procedures to undertake their jobs safely. The feature-rich, interactive step-by-step procedural checklists guide workers through every critical step of a job.

SAI360 EHS&S Procedural Walkthrough

New mobile Lockout/Tagout to get more work done safely

Effective Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) is critical to ensure that energy sources cannot cause injuries and fatalities. The new LOTO module is mobile-ready and guides workers on how to effectively disable, isolate, and de-energize equipment and machinery to prevent the hazardous release of energy.  Workers can also visualize on a geo-map all locked out/tagged out equipment or machinery in the vicinity of where they are working.

Integrating the new Lockout/Tagout module with Operational Risk Management and Process Safety modules such as Permit to Work, Management of Change and Process Hazard Analysis enables organizations to get more work done safely and reduce costly business disruptions.

SAI360 EHS&S's Lockout/Tagout

Learn more about our EHS & Sustainability Software and Mobile Application. Or request a demo to see the latest functionality in action and discover how SAI360 has helped organizations like yours.

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