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Accelerate your Journey through the Pandemic with Purpose-built EHS Automation Software

SAI360 Covid Essentials Pack + FastStart, from the world’s leading risk management platform, enables you to rapidly deploy software and mobile solutions to refocus worker health & safety through and beyond the Covid economy.

Organizations are faced with dual threats — under pressure to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, and navigating a rapidly changing social and economic landscape. The journey to the next normal means keeping workers safe amid a global health crisis, while managing costs and maintaining customer relationships in a way that ensures the business survives.

Operationalizing your journey through this challenge requires parsing and prioritizing initiatives during a high-stress time when every step is urgent, and the cost of inaction is high. How you maximize worker engagement to capture health assessment data, communicate policies and health and safety plans, as well as manage incidents and mitigate potential exposure is critical. Disparate or manual systems and spreadsheets and legacy solutions that are not fit-for-purpose may leave your organization exposed.

This is why we are introducing a comprehensive solution of essential EHS modules that support an end-to-end, “Plan-Do-Check-Act” approach to recalibrate your COVID-19 recovery with confidence and sustain productive business operations. SAI360’s Covid Essentials Pack is a future-proofed, scalable and comprehensive solution to help risk and EHS professionals maintain complete visibility of risks now and in the future.



Automate workflows with task management to aid efficiency and responsiveness

SAI360’s Covid Essentials Pack reduces the administrative burden of front-line EHS professionals with configurable, workflow-driven and easy-to-use modules that capture essential data and automate accountability to respond quickly and reduce risks.

  • Enable workers to report COVID-19-related symptoms and manage cases. Investigate and assign actions to prevent outbreaks.
  • Record observations of behaviors and support your workforce to adjust to changes in work or expected behaviors.
  • Perform scheduled and ad-hoc site audits and inspections.
  • Record and track the completion of non-conformances.
  • Maintain a travel and meeting attendance log for safe movements of workers and have data to streamline contact tracing efforts.

Using our configurable Graphic Designer Tools, administrators can readily adapt our out-of-the-box functionality to meet the needs of a changing regulatory landscape and new risks.

SAI360 for EHS: Case Management

Case management in SAI360 for EHS.

SAI360 for EHS: My Tasks

My tasks in SAI360 for EHS.


An engaging mobile app that supports a remote and mobile workforce

Our modules are mobile-ready so your remote workforce can stay engaged and risk-ready during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

  • Deploy questionnaires for health and wellness checks, symptom tracking, sanitization checks, behavior-based observations, inspections and audits and more.
  • Instant-push notifications enable you to keep employees and contractors informed and alert.

SAI360 for EHS: Mobile alerts and checkins

SAI360’s mobile safety alerts and symptom checker.


“As we navigate these challenging times, it is more important than ever to invest in digitizing EHS processes. We all need to continually demonstrate proactive management of health and safety risks and ensure we are focusing on the risks that really matter to our businesses.

“That is why we focused on a plan-do-check-act approach around our technology offering together with an Essentials Pack to enable customers to kickstart and sustain their digitization journey.”

David Smith, Commercial Director EHS, SAI360


Stay agile as you navigate through uncertain times with actionable insights

As the external environment changes, your organization needs change too. SAI360 provides you with a comprehensive EHS and Operational Risk solution that can address your pandemic needs today and as you journey forward in the unpredictable COVID-19 economy.

  • Data analytics and reporting help you make faster and impactful decisions that keep the health and safety of your workforce at the center of business operations.
  • Predefined dashboards designed by our EHS specialist practitioners give you a view into the effectiveness of new health and safety measures, COVID-19 exposures and health and well-being of workers.

Actionable insights in SAI360 for EHS.

SAI360 for EHS: COVID-19 Monitor Dashboard

COVID-19 monitor dashboard in SAI360 for EHS.


Quickly implement SAI360’s Covid Essentials Pack + FastStart

We’re proud to offer a leading out-of-the-box solution that can be rapidly deployed through SAI360’s proven FastStart implementation process to accelerate your journey. This facilitates your organization’s ability to achieve ROI quickly and means you can be up and running in weeks with software and a mobile solution during the pandemic and as you journey to the next normal. Our packages can be priced according to your company size.


Meet SAI360 customers

SAI360 for EHS and Operational Risk is relied on by global businesses from diverse industries. At times like these, it’s important to hear from EHS professionals like you who have been in a strong position to adapt to the unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19.

Hear first-hand from two of our clients, a global leader in fast-moving consumer goods and an energy and mining company. These are just two organizations that are using SAI360’s purpose-built modules for a safe reopening of sites and to effectively track COVID-19 cases.

Video: How BIC manages EHS risks during COVID-19 with SAI360


Video: How Sandvik manages EHS risks during COVID-19 with SAI360



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