SAI360 GRC ESG Risk Management

ESG Risk Management

By automating data collection and centralizing ESG risk data, organizations can target key areas for improvements

As Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) regulations move beyond climate-related disclosures and investor pressure grows, companies need to understand and manage all risks including those to the environment, as well as their customers, employees, and supply chains. SAI360’s ESG Risk Management offers a complete view of risks for effective cross-functional collaboration.

Identify, assess and address ESG risks

  • Maintain a risk register of all ESG risks and opportunities
  • Continually review and assess all risks and verify proper controls are in place
  • Automate actions based on triggers from assessments, key risk indicators, incidents, control assessments, and treatment plans
Automated Alerts for Enterprise Risk Management
SAI360 Risk Analysis Dashboard

Centralize your ESG-related risk information

  • Collect all ESG risks in a single source of truth to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for value creation
  • Gain efficiencies with collaborative workflows and interactive risk dashboards
  • Integrate with third-party applications and services for a comprehensive understanding of the risks across your enterprise and supply chain

Seamlessly incorporate ESG into your existing Risk Management program

  • Take advantage of our best-practice modules and tools designed to help organizations streamline their risk management approach across the enterprise
  • Leverage our scalable software platform to change your ESG risk management approach with ease as the regulatory, business landscape, and your company needs evolve
  • Access our ESG training library to educate your employees and contractors on your ESG programs and the latest ESG developments
ESG Metrics Dashboard

Explore our
pre-built ESG modules

The SAI360 ESG solution offers tailor-made modules for organizations with complex Environmental, Social and Governance requirements.

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