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SAI360 2023 October Launch Empowered by AI and Learning in the Flow of Work

Expanding risk landscape requires innovative solutions

SAI360, a leading provider of governance, risk, compliance (GRC) technology and learning solutions, announced today its 2023 October product Launch.  AI-enabled technology and learning in the flow of work capabilities top the list of innovative solutions introduced by SAI360 to address a rapidly changing risk landscape. 

“Across industries and geographies, companies are encountering increased operational risk, regulatory risk, people risk, and security threats,” shares Peter Granat, CEO of SAI360. “The speed at which threats are evolving is becoming untenable, which is why leveraging tools like AI and learning in the flow of work is so important. They provide a critical advantage necessary to manage risk in the midst of ongoing change and uncertainty.” 

Tools to Increase Efficiency and Visibility 

In order to effectively manage risk and demonstrate regulatory compliance, companies can no longer rely on spreadsheets and manual, error-prone processes. Now is the time to take advantage of emerging technology including AI to increase efficiency and gain greater visibility into risk.   

SAI360’s 2023 October Platform Launch includes: 

  • New AI-Enabled Risk Management: Access to over 300,000 AI models helps users build templated queries based on organizational needs to surface smarter risk insight, organize data, and complete tasks faster  
  • Vendor Risk Management: Enhancements ensure complete visibility in the value chain, provide deep insight into vendor health and stability, and improve vendor due diligence 
  • Conflicts of Interest Manager: A new integration with CMS Open Payments Data automates the manual and resource-intensive process for disclosing industry payment information required in the U.S. for healthcare companies 

Proactive Strategies for Maximum Impact  

Employees can be an organization’s greatest source of risk or its most effective ambassadors, with most companies having a combination of each. SAI360 takes a proactive approach to people risk by integrating its GRC platform and learning solutions to deliver ethics and compliance training in the flow of work.  

  • Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Management: Provides relevant Conflicts of Interest (COI) training in context and at the right time by launching COI training within the module as a precursor to attestation. This preferred learning style improves completion rates, enhances efficiency, and drives behavior change. 

Additional learning solutions featured in the 2023 October Launch: 

  • Competition and Antitrust: A new microlearning series provides employees with up-to-date information on critical topics including bid rigging and collusion so they can make informed decisions  
  • Giving and Receiving Gifts: Helps workforce fully understand and comply with gift-giving policies and avoid misconceptions of favoritism 
  • Tying, Bundling, and Pressure Selling: Focuses on the importance of adhering to strict competition laws 

Solutions to Increase Productivity and Confidence in Compliance Processes 

The 2023 October Launch features new modules and enhancements to existing modules to increase efficiencies and boosts confidence in organizational conduct including: 

  • New Internal Audit Best Practice: Automates the planning, creation, tracking, documentation, and reporting of internal audit tasks 
  • Policy Manager: Enhancements include new interactive dashboarding capabilities that offer superior insight on the performance of policy and procedural compliance 
  • New Task Manager: Create, assign, and monitor tasks to drive accountability 

 Additional enhancements in the 2023 October Launch include: 

  • Microsoft Office 365 integration: Allows users to view or edit PowerPoint, Excel, and Word documents within the GRC modules 
  • Designer enhancements: New capabilities include the addition of drag-and-drop canvas, forms, questionnaires and grids 
  • Risk assessment improvements: Equips users to leverage historical data to track changes over time and visualize risk progression 

Click HERE to learn more about SAI360’s 2023 October Launch. To start a conversation with a SAI360 representative on how to begin leveraging AI technology and learning in the flow of work, click HERE. 

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