ESG Reporting: How Software Can Help

Companies may need to consider using integrated digital technologies to support the real-time recording, analysis, reporting and visibility of their ESG data.

Christine Adeline writes about ESG and safety management in British Safety Council.

With businesses increasingly required to publish data on how well they are managing the environmental, social and reputational impacts of their activities, software systems are an efficient way of recording, analysing and reporting the necessary information.

The concept of ESG (environmental, social and governance) is not new. In the 2010s, the pressure for companies to disclose their sustainability performance was seen as a branding exercise, and the pressure to report came primarily from boutique impact investors, niche ESG experts and non-governmental organisations.

However, the recent surge in social injustice cases, climate-related risks and economic and public health crises have intensified the focus on ESG in boardrooms and across all sectors, including the global mining industry. ESG is now linked to longer-term performance, and some also argue that it provides opportunities for cost savings, revenue generation and risk mitigation. Stock exchanges, financial regulators, lenders and asset managers are making it part of how they invest.

Keep reading as Christine addresses the impact of ESG on the mining industry, and the opportunities available with digital technologies for EHS and ESG.

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