Doing the right thing

What I’ve learned through the challenges of 2020 has been …

Ethics and Compliance professionals have vital work to perform in organizations. However, many organizations are not really committed to doing the right thing. This results in people being terminated for doing their jobs, people who've resigned to keep their heads down but become complicit as a result, and people who actively support the organization's non-compliant and unethical actions. If we think of ourselves as a community and earnestly want to prevent non-compliant and unethical behavior, we must all refuse to allow it to happen.

We have to realize that when we do nothing to stop one of our colleagues from being terminated for doing the right thing, we become complicit in the wrongdoing. It's been nice over the past year to interact with so many professionals who feel the same way, many of whom have paid significant prices, professional, personal and economic, at the end of the day. The rest of us need to make sure there are no more of these stories. And to stop pretending that we don't get out own hands dirty when we facilitate the derailment of our colleagues.

Brian Bridson


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