Top 9 Best Practices for Successfully Navigating a Long BC Emergency (pdf)

SAI360’s Top Nine Best Practices for Successfully Navigating a Long BCM Emergency | whitepaper


Once upon a time, an IT Business Continuity (BC) plan consisted of how to restore the backup tapes at a hot site after a server room fire. Those days ended in the last millennium.

Beginning with 9/11, the 2008 financial crisis, and now the Covid pandemic, companies have to routinely plan for a diverse range of long-term IT emergencies. These nine tips for BC planning in the 21st century will help you design for long-term resilience rather than short-term recovery.

With these nine best practices, you’ll be prepared to transform from a “failover/failback” BC practice from the last century to a modern-day approach to persevering in the many faces of adversity.

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