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Operationalizing ESG in a GRC World with Michael Rasmussen

SAI360 Insights with GRC 20/20’s Michael Rasmussen

As ESG becomes a focus point for organizations keen to promote integrity and transparency, businesses of all types are reviewing the similarities, differences and overlaps between ESG and GRC.

In this webinar, SAI360’s Jamie Walsh joins Michael Rasmussen, the GRC Pundit, for a discussion about where ESG and GRC converge and the benefits of an integrated approach when operationalizing ESG.

Topics covered will include how to:

  • Bring ESG into your operations, using GRC as a launchpad
  • Adopt regulatory change management to manage new rules
  • Identify what to measure and set company-specific objectives
  • Understand ESG’s impact on enterprise risk
  • Prepare for ESG-related changes to third-party risk


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