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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

From sustainability and socially responsible policies to ethical governance, realize your ESG strategy with SAI360

Your ESG Roadmap

A successful ESG strategy is built on data integrity and streamlined processes that drive sustainability, compliance, risk management, and disclosure reporting. Operationalize your ESG goals and demonstrate progress with a configurable platform for ESG Risk, Sustainability, Governance and Learning.

ESG Metrics Dashboard

ESG Risk Management

Ensure your Environmental, Social & Governance standards are fully aligned with your organization’s enterprise risk management (ERM) approach.

  • Maintain a register of all ESG risks and opportunities
  • Continually review and assess all risks and ensure proper controls are in place
  • Achieve ESG risk intelligence through targeted assessments against ESG objectives and targets

ESG Compliance Software

Monitor and automate ESG regulatory compliance to be able to adaptively respond to change.

  • Scan the global regulatory horizon for changes in ESG standards, including GRI, SASB, TCFD, etc.
  • Ensure your organization meets country-based requirements and frameworks, including U.S. SEC and EU and UK SFDR
  • Automate and ensure ESG compliance with action plans and compliance checks
ESG Regulatory Change Management
SAI360 ESG Process Management

ESG Process Management

Operationalize all your ESG processes and procedures with automated workflows.

  • Easily engage, monitor and manage your ESG regulations and policies enterprise-wide
  • Activate your environment, occupational health and safety processes for safe and sustainable business
  • Ensure awareness of ethical standards and procedures through Code of Conduct training on 12 ESG-focused risk areas

ESG Third-Party Management

Manage stakeholders, identify risks and understand the ESG posture and progress of the vendors, partners and third parties that are critical to your business.

  • Define and monitor ESG policy compliance action plans for topics such as data privacy, data protection, information security and anti-bribery and anti-corruption
  • Educate employees and your extended enterprise of vendors, partners and contractors by using our pre-built training course library and add on certifications, attestations, embedded disclosures or surveys
  • Address management, tracking, reporting and communication needs and maintain audit trails for third-party compliance
ESG Third Party code of Conduct
ESG Metrics Reporting Dashboards

ESG Metrics Management and Disclosure Reporting

Streamline data collection and centralize reporting of all your ESG metrics and targets for efficient and timely disclosure and performance reporting.

  • Manage metrics for multiple stakeholder requirements, frameworks and standards, including SASB, GRI, TCFD and CDP
  • Calculate and report on Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, energy use, waste metrics and other environmental impacts against targets
  • Produce audit-ready reports and provide executive dashboards to demonstrate performance and progress of ESG goals

Whether you’re starting to track key ESG metrics or are taking your ESG program to the next level, SAI360 provides a solution that is ready to help you meet the expectations of your shareholders, stakeholders, regulators, customers, partners and employees.

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