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New SAI360 Software Capabilities for Flexibility and Sustainability

SAI360 2022 Launch One

“The new normal” does not exist… it’s constantly adapting. Businesses need an agile approach. 

The events of 2021 tested the resilience, agility, and social consciousness of all organizations. Leaders are grappling with the Great Resignation, climate change disasters, cybersecurity attacks, and hospitals pushed to their limits due to COVID-19 spikes.

SAI360, the only integrated risk management platform with a full suite of capabilities across GRC, Ethics & Compliance Learning, and EHS and Sustainability, announces new capabilities to help organizations manage such diverse risks.

“These disruptions have shed new light on what it means to be risk ready. We’re helping organizations manage the increasingly complex responsibilities of this new landscape – and monitor their impact on the environment and society – by building new rapid deployment configurations in the SAI360 platform.”

Peter Granat, CEO of SAI360 

Here’s what’s new in SAI360’s 2022 Launch One release.  


New GRC modules built on best practices and SAI360’s deep expertise in risk & compliance: 

  • New IT Risk Management module helps organizations comply with global IT standards and increase vigilance 
  • Enterprise and Operational Risk Management to measure, monitor, and assess, and an Internal Control/SOX Compliance module to scope and conduct regular control tests 
  • New SAI360 GRC Business Resilience Enterprise solution, powerfully connecting Business Continuity with Vendor Risk, IT Risk, and Operational Risk

SAI360 Healthcare GRC 

Adding to SAI360’s full suite of healthcare-focused GRC modules, new products will help organizations navigate the shifting healthcare regulatory landscape: 

  • Risk Portal for simple, efficient, rapid, and secure access to the information, files, and services that are critical to daily business operations 
  • Regulatory Compliance Manager to understand healthcare regulatory obligations and to keep pace with changes through targeted content feeds  
  • Pre-configured best-practice solutions, built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, get organizations across the spectrum of the healthcare industry up and running with GRC quickly

SAI360 EHS and Sustainability 

Maintain sustainable operations and a resilient, safe, and healthy workplace: 

  • Improved Sustainability Management to support data collection, analysis, and disclosure reporting of sustainability and ESG metrics  
  • Easy-to-use data analytics designed for non-technical users to interrogate data and visualize insights with a word cloud, charts, and geo-maps 
  • New vaccination tracking, and delivery of critical information to mobile workers based on GPS location to keep them safe and well

SAI360 Learning 

New learning courses and software: 

  • Foster a respectful workplace with a Code of Conduct that encourages employees to speak up in a hybrid work world 
  • Apply learning science principles that take the pulse of your training program and establish campaigns for critical Ethics & Compliance topics in action   
  • Go from mandatory E&C training to certified learning and disclose conflicts in the same workflow 

In 2022, it’s time to chart a new course. SAI360 provides the software, innovation, and partnership our customers need for the journey! 

Read more about what's new in our 2022 Launch One release
and hear from our CTO Anton Lisson


Learn more about our SAI360 Platform and our integrated approach to GRC. Or, contact us for a demo to see for yourself why we're a GRC leader.

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