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What are the Most Popular Compliance Training Tools?

The global compliance training market is expected to exceed $24 billion by 2027. Ethics and Compliance (E&C) training is essential for organizations of all sizes; it helps employees understand their responsibilities and obligations and can protect the organization from liability.  

ethics and compliance training

When choosing compliance training tools, it is important to select tools that are effective and have a positive impact on your organization.  

previous post from SAI360 reinforces this position. Our view: you want employees to have a positive impression when they learn about E&C training. Emphasizing value plays a vital role in successful E&C training. When employees don’t value their training, it fails to add any benefit to accomplishing their daily job responsibilities. 

What Tools are Most In-Demand? 

The most popular tools and platforms supporting compliance training, according to a recent SAI360 Ethics and Compliance Training Benchmark Survey, are video conferencing and internal company sites. Over three in four survey participants (76 percent) report using both.  

Our take? This trend is unlikely to change. Whatever platforms and devices you use to support your compliance training program, as employees continue to work off-site, their personal mobile or tablet devices are likely serving as their second screens. 

Coming in second is Learning Management Systems (LMS) tools integrated with Human Resources or Professional Development. Over two in three (67 percent) survey respondents report using these. 

The top three tools most frequently indicated for use down the road were risk management software (21 percent), mobile devices with internet access (18 percent) and compliance-specific LMS (14 percent). 

Final Thoughts 

Compliance training—executed strategically—is an important investment for organizations of all sizes. By investing in compliance training, organizations can help protect themselves from legal liability, save costs, and improve their reputation. 

Organizations looking to choose the right tools for their compliance training program should consider the needs and preferences of their employees to ensure success. 

For more information on our findings, download our full report here: SAI360 Ethics and Compliance Training Benchmark Survey. 

To schedule a virtual coffee chat with one of our team members to discuss your Ethics and Compliance program needs, fill out the form at the bottom of this page: https://www.sai360.com/solutions/ethics-and-compliance-learning  

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