2022 Global Insights: Evolving Ethics and Compliance Training Program Practices

The 2022 SAI360 Ethics and Compliance Training Benchmark Survey focused on the practical delivery and evaluation of effective training. For this year’s report, we thought it would be beneficial to look not only where we are today, but also at how the industry has adapted to the challenges encountered since the 2019 survey. Preparation of the survey and analysis of the results was done by Dr. Jen Farthing, Senior Vice President of Learning at SAI360.

Our objective is to give the market and our valued customers a picture of how your peers pursue ethics and compliance objectives and the tools they use. We organized the survey results to examine the vehicles that E&C programs used to complete the journey from the initial business goals of E&C training to employee application in their day-to-day work.
2022 Learning Benchmark Report Cover

Each section of the report is organized into three parts:

  • The Facts – An overview of top findings from the 2022 survey
  • The Change – How the results differ from the 2019 survey
  • SAI360 Expert Analysis – Our interpretation of what the results and the changes mean and how the data can be used to inform practice to improve program effectiveness

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