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Bridging the Gap between External Regulations and Internal Guidelines

Whitepaper: Bridging the Gap Between External Regulations and Internal GuidelinesThe ultimate challenge for compliance officers is to effectively manage regulatory horizon scanning and keep track of changing regulations so that you can systematically incorporate these developments into your organization’s policy and process frameworks.

In this white paper, you’ll learn how regulatory technology, or RegTech, supports the full regulatory change management process from recording external regulations and assessing their relevance for your own company, to translating them into internal policies and measures, including how to overcome potential stumbling blocks.

Firms must ensure they are fully compliant with changing regulations across all business divisions and managers must implement technology-enabled, audit-proof processes to ensure you are best positioned to avoid fines and reputational damage resulting from rule violations.

This white paper is designed to help you better understand the full Regulatory Change Management lifecycle and how to embed this process in your organization.

Download the whitepaper:


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