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Watch How to Align Ethics and Compliance Learning with ESG: A Roadmap

Dr. Jen Farthing and Jon Bricker

It’s early days for ESG, relatively speaking, and best practices for building, quantifying, and disclosing ESG programs are rapidly evolving. As companies move towards transparency and begin walking the talk by aligning corporate culture to the stated ESG values, the historical function of E&C rolls up naturally to support these efforts. Opportunities abound for ethics and compliance leaders who join the challenge to improve their company’s ESG report card

This webinar discusses the basic roadmap for aligning ethics and compliance with broader ESG initiatives and how it can increase the impact of your organization’s ESG profile—and potentially uncover some professional development opportunities along the way.

  • Familiarize yourself with the ESG standards and frameworks your company is reporting against
  • Map your ethics and compliance initiatives to your company’s stated ESG goals and priorities
  • Join your company’s ESG/corporate sustainability committee (or spearhead one if none exists)
  • Contribute to your company’s ESG reporting processes
  • Ensure your training modules and scenarios align with and reinforce ESG messaging
  • Link your Code of Conduct to company core values
  • Extend the reach of your E&C program to third parties


  • Jennifer Farthing Zahn, EdD, Senior Vice President, Learning – SAI360
  • Jon Bricker, Esq, Learning Strategy and Sales – SAI360

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