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SAI360 Joins ECI High-Quality Partners Program to Broaden Insight into Benefits of Effective E&C Programs

SAI360, a leader in integrated cloud-based Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Environment, Health, Safety, and Sustainability (EHS&S) and Ethics & Compliance (E&C) learning solutions, is partnering with the Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI), the global non-profit organization that empowers organizations to build and sustain high-quality ethics & compliance (E&C) programs, to offer SAI360 customers the ability to evaluate their E&C programs and determine their level of effectiveness.

SAI360 joins the ECI HCP Partner programECI has long been the leader in E&C efforts, offering education and tools to organizations that want to identify and adopt high-quality E&C programs (HQPs). This effort is significant because organizations that implement HQPs have been shown to significantly boost their organizational integrity. ECI has developed a way for organizations to effectively assess and measure E&C program maturity and quality. ECI is now encouraging widespread adoption of the HQP framework by offering the HQP Assessment through partner organizations, such as SAI360, through their HQP Partner Program.

SAI360 will work with ECI to further the awareness and adoption of the ECI assessment tool and HQP framework, making the tool an industry standard. Through this partnership, SAI360 will offer the assessment tool to its customers to advise them on how to implement and grow their E&C programs beyond the minimum legal requirements.

“The global workforce has gone through significant change in recent months, placing even greater emphasis on corporate culture,” says Peter Granat, CEO of SAI360.

“Having a strong ethics and compliance learning program with informed insights on performance and key improvement areas will enable our customers to raise the bar on their learning initiatives and achieve a culture-first organization.”

Peter Granat, CEO of SAI360

Through the HQP Partner Program, SAI360 will provide a holistic assessment of program maturity based on ECI’s established HQP principles – strategy, risk management, culture, speaking up and accountability – to qualified customers and prospects.

“We are excited to have SAI360, an established leader in our sector, join our HQP Partner Program to help extend the ability for their customers to assess the effectiveness and maturity levels of their E&C programs,” said Patricia J. Harned, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of ECI.

“SAI360’s customers around the world rely on them for trusted and leading-edge software solutions. Through them, we have the opportunity to share the benefits of going beyond the minimum requirements for E&C programs and striving for a culture of integrity.”

Patricia Harned, CEO of ECI

The Ethics & Compliance Initiative is composed of two nonprofit organizations; the Ethics Research Center and the Ethics & Compliance Association, which together pursue a mission to empower organizations to build high-quality ethics and compliance programs. Founded in 1922, ECI is widely recognized as a leading independent research organization with regard to organizational culture, values, and strategies to reduce reputational risk.


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