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Roadmap for Risk Management: An Interview with Christine Adeline, SAI360’s First Chief Product Officer

In honor of International Women’s Day, we chatted with Christine Adeline, SAI360’s first Chief Product Officer (CPO), about SAI360’s vision to manage risk comprehensively. 

With a decade of experience at SAI360, Christine’s previous role leading the EHS&S division has profoundly informed her approach to product development and risk management. Now as CPO, Christine is poised to leverage SAI360’s unique expertise in governance, risk, compliance, and ethics.   

Below, Christine shares how she has spent her first few months in her new role. She also highlights why integrating learning and GRC technology is so important to SAI360. This strategic integration is essential in today’s dynamic regulatory landscape, where risk management solutions must be both robust and adaptable. 

Christine Adeline
Christine Adeline

Q&A with Christine Adeline 

Q: What is your vision for SAI360 as new CPO?

Christine: In my new role, I’m energized to revolutionize how organizations handle ethics and GRC through an integrated platform. SAI360 is in a unique position to impact the field significantly.  

My focus will be on harnessing customer insights and our deep domain expertise, combined with emerging technology, to deliver solutions that meet customer needs and foster a strong risk-aware culture. 

Q: What are some of the key areas you’re focusing on in your action plan for SAI360? 

Christine: Understanding our existing product portfolio and stakeholders is vital. We’re diving deep into our current product offerings, the competitive landscape, and market positioning. This involves gathering insights from both internal and external sources to identify areas for improvement and potential opportunities. 

Q: How do you plan to enhance customer engagement and product development? 

Christine: Engaging with our customers to understand their pain points, needs, and expectations is crucial.  

We’re leveraging feedback from our customer support and CSM/AM teams to address issues and uncover areas for enhancement.  

Additionally, reviewing and enhancing our user interfaces and experiences is key to driving higher adoption rates. 

Q: Can you elaborate on the strategic alignment and communication within SAI360? 

Christine: Effective communication and alignment within the team are critical. We’re also reviewing and strengthening our go-to-market and release processes in partnership with our Product Marketing Team. 

Harmonizing our product teams and processes is essential for delivering a cohesive platform story that integrates Learning with our GRC solutions. 

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