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International Women’s Day 2024

Forward Together: Redefining Global Female Leadership

Hear Voices Shaping the Future

As part of International Women’s Day 2024, themed #InspireInclusion, SAI360 is celebrating progress made while also taking a candid look at the hurdles still facing women in Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC), Ethics & Compliance (E&C) Learning, and Technology. 

This year, we asked women from around the globe to share their stories to better understand their journeys and discover what strategies are working to foster diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.  

Their words highlight a universal call to action, revealing unfiltered accounts of obstacles, discrimination, and hindrances: 

“I have sometimes felt I have to change to behave like men.” 

“10+ years ago I was told (by a woman leader) that I wouldn’t be in the C-suite because I didn’t have ‘the polish and executive presence.’” 

“We don’t have a vision on what can be my next step and what will be my salary. We keep discussing that internally but not implementing anything.” 

Three Global Challenges

  • Generational Diversity: Embracing the varied career experiences of women across generations is crucial for fostering a supportive work environment 
  • Systemic Hurdles: Globally, women face ongoing challenges in areas where they remain underrepresented, particularly in technology and GRC fields 
  • Retention Strategies: With maternity leave policies varying significantly around the world—from generous two-year leaves in countries like Lithuania to an average of 29 days in the U.S.—adopting flexible policies is key to retaining and empowering women 
#IWD20234 International Women's Day SAI360 GRC
#IWD2024 , International Women's Day SAI360

We Asked, We Listened, We Learned

Our discussions reveal urgent action items organizations must address together: 

  • Build Inclusive Policies and Cultures: Design workplaces that genuinely accommodate the needs of women at all stages of their careers 
  • Empower through Visibility: Ensure women are in leadership roles, contributing to high-visibility projects and decision-making processes 
  • Drive Workplace Flexibility: Recognize the importance of adaptable work arrangements in supporting women’s careers worldwide 

What You Need to Know 

Let’s move beyond talk to implement meaningful changes that tackle the unique challenges women encounter globally in the workplace. By emphasizing policy, culture, and support, let’s aim to create a future where gender equality is achieved. 

International Women’s Day Reflections: The Untold Stories of GRC and Tech Leaders
Infographic: From Zero to 365+: The Global Maternity Leave Divide
International Women's Day SAI360

Take Action: Join the #InspireInclusion Movement 

This International Women’s Day, we’re not just sharing stories; we’re sparking change. Be an integral part of the journey towards a more inclusive and equitable world. Here’s how you can make an impact: 

  • Amplify Voices: Share this page with your network to raise awareness about the challenges and triumphs of women in GRC, E&C Learning, and Technology. 
  • Engage With Our Campaign: Dive into our featured resources, from insightful blogs to exclusive interviews and upcoming whitepapers. Each piece offers valuable perspectives on creating gender-inclusive cultures and empowering women in tech and beyond. 
  • Share Your Story: Have you faced or overcome hurdles in your career? Do you have strategies that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion? Post your experiences and insights on social media using #InspireInclusion. Your story could inspire action, offer hope, and contribute to a global dialogue on redefining female leadership. 
  • Commit to Change: Reflect on the action items and challenges highlighted in our discussions. Consider what changes you can implement in your own organization or community to support women more effectively. Let’s move from conversation to action together. 

Your Voice Matters: Whether you’re amplifying others’ stories or sharing your own, your participation is crucial. Together, we can break down systemic barriers and build a future where everyone, regardless of gender, has equal opportunities to lead and succeed. 

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