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New Year. New Training Focus: Efficacy and Impact

2023 Foundation of Ethics and ComplianceWhen it comes to your company’s compliance training programs, ticking a box for completion isn’t enough. “One and done” doesn’t satisfy compliance enforcement bodies. For 2023, you will need to focus more on efficacy and impact.

In the words of U.S. Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite Jr., “We expect an effective corporate compliance program to be much more than a company’s policies, procedures, and internal controls.” Regulators worldwide require well-designed, effective compliance programs that deliver measurable results.

Your organization needs to be able to answer:

  • Does our compliance training program really work?
  • Are we making improvements?
  • Do we have the metrics to prove it?

Rolling into the new year is the perfect time to focus on ensuring you have the tools to effectively manage your compliance training program, along with the right data to show program improvement and effectiveness. Compiling and utilizing the right data, particularly data tied to learner outcomes rather than just to completion of training, can transform the E&C program and provide your workforce with more relevant, engaging, and impactful training.

How can you ensure you have the right tools and methods to capture the right data and use it in the most effective way to continually improve your program?

SAI360 has developed tools to help measure the ethics and compliance training program’s growth and the organization’s risk. Rooted in the latest learning science, the Know Your Risk framework recently received the Silver Award in the Unique Learning Technology category for its entry “Measuring Risk: A Confidence-based Approach” in the Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence in Technology awards.

“The Course Analytics Dashboard of the Know Your Risk learning model gives E&C leaders a way to easily recognize patterns and showcase insights, such as overall risk and program effectiveness, to key stakeholders.”

Jennifer Farthing, EdD, Senior Vice President of Learning

It also identifies specific learning outcomes where employees would benefit from additional training. The SAI360 Know Your Risk model can be applied to any compliance or risk areas.

The Know Your Risk model features three core components working in concert:

  1. Learning Design: Learning-objective driven courses that are engaging and effective.
  2. Change Monitoring: Pre-learning assessments benchmark learners’ initial knowledge and confidence in their knowledge before the learning experience. Post-learning assessment measures the change in learner knowledge and confidence.
  3. Risk Profile: Changes in learners’ performance and their confidence level are used to generate a risk profile. The course analytics dashboard visualizes aggregated data from learners to determine the organization’s level of risk, as well as other measures of training progress, performance, and efficacy. The risk profile helps guide the selection of future learning activities to further improve the overall program.

Resolutions to keep

As the calendar races forward, remember that just tracking completion and pass rates doesn’t pass regulatory scrutiny. For 2023, resolve to focus on maximizing the effectiveness and impact of your organization’s compliance training program.

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