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Learning Science Strategy #2: Error Persistence

Ways that SAI360 makes E&C Learning more effective.


We know you’re busy, and the last thing you want to do is review what you got wrong on a workplace quiz, but you should do that to make learning stickier. This SAI360 eLearning series does just that. How? We apply five concepts from Learning Science.

Learning Science Strategy #2: Error Persistence

Imagine you’re taking a test or quiz, and you have to get three out of four questions right to pass. So, you get a 75: you get three out of the four right, and you move on.

Do you ever go back and review why you got that one question wrong? Let’s be honest, probably not, especially if you’re busy. And these days, who isn’t busy?

So, you know you passed, and you probably just moved along. Maybe that’s okay for the short term. But what happens when you get tested again and again and you make that same mistake over and over?

Learning Science Strategy #2: Error PersistenceBecause you keep passing, you may tell yourself you know the material.

But every time, you get the same topic wrong. Maybe the question is asked a little bit differently, but you really don’t know the material, no matter how it’s framed.

That’s called error persistence.

If you never take the time to figure out what you got wrong and why, how will you ever have a chance to recognize the right response? How will you know how to do the right thing?

Well, we’re giving you an opportunity to correct that assumption, right at the moment of learning. This happens when your brain encodes the correct response for future use, right there in your brain.

This is called encoding.

The accurate, new knowledge gained moves from short- to long-term memory where it is stored until it’s needed. And it’s needed when you have to make an ethical decision, and when you call it up from memory— that’s your training doing its job.

We use the notion of error persistence to demonstrate how our Know Your Risk courses are designed to combat error persistence by serving up the correction at the time of encoding… so you remember better.


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