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How is Compliance Training Evolving?

The compliance training landscape is undergoing a transformative shift. Traditionally focused on minimizing misconduct, today’s compliance training emphasizes proactive prevention.   

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There is a significant mindset shift happening now among compliance professionals. Central to this evolution is a key realization: Effective training is a strategic component of compliance.  

Chief Compliance Officers are now integrating sophisticated learning programs into their compliance frameworks, aimed at aligning employee behavior with risk management objectives.   

The question remains: How can compliance training continue to innovate and drive better outcomes?  

Addressing Ethics & Compliance Challenges on the Horizon 

In light of this question, SAI360 has pinpointed future challenges that require urgent attention from organizations across industries and sectors, such as enhancing learner engagement and utilizing data to gauge program effectiveness.  

For example, according to SAI360’s Learning Market Survey Report (Global Insights: Evolving Ethics and Compliance Training Program Practices), 30% of professionals surveyed don’t feel like their E&C training programs are successfully changing employee behaviors. 

This only underscores the critical role that tailored and engaging learning programs play in shaping a culture of compliance, setting the stage for SAI360’s Compliance Training Maturity Model to guide organizations toward even more impactful and strategic compliance training solutions. 

Learn More About Our Model  

SAI360’s Ethics & Compliance Training Maturity Model offers a pathway, helping organizations understand their position in the compliance learning curve and the benefits of advancing their programs. Click here to learn more.  

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