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Hidden Opportunities of Aligning Ethics and Compliance with ESG

Why Should You Align Your E&C Program with ESG?

While ESG is strongly associated with environmental initiatives such as lowering carbon footprint, social and governance factors have achieved equal prominence. “Social” and “governance” define a company’s corporate citizen persona—or how it behaves—which is the heart and soul of ethics and compliance and, increasingly, a key factor in market valuation.

A robust, well-articulated ESG program is rapidly becoming table stakes for investors, placing ESG squarely on the board agenda. As boards grapple with how to best embody, valuate, and disclose ESG values and initiatives, a host of opportunities are emerging for ethics and compliance leaders to add value and increase professional visibility.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how to improve your company’s ESG report card by improving:

  • Board visibility
  • More funding
  • Organizational clout

This basic roadmap for aligning ethics and compliance with broader ESG initiatives can increase the impact of your organization’s ESG profile—and potentially uncover some professional development opportunities along the way.

Download the whitepaper:


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