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Data Privacy Day. Increase Vigilance with Employee Training

Data Privacy Day Jan 28Around the world, January 28 is Data Privacy Day (known in Europe as Data Protection Day). It’s a day to remind yourself to keep cyber vigilance top of mind and an opportune time to reinforce your organization’s Code of Conduct, security awareness, and data privacy and protection training.

Educate employees on best practices for protecting personal data 

The importance of training employees on requirements and best practices can’t be stressed enough. To ensure compliance with global regulations, your employees need to:

  • understand why data protection and privacy are important to both individuals and organizations
  • be able to recognize security and privacy concerns that are likely to arise in their role
  • make informed decisions to safeguard personal data
  • assess where personal data and individuals’ privacy may need protection

Organizations rely on SAI360 Learning and Code of Conduct courses to train their employees on data privacy. Courses feature best practice, focused training on maintaining compliance with GDPR, as well as other worldwide data privacy laws. By teaching privacy rules and regulations using everyday language, learners are able to identify the rules and laws for processing data that are most common. Trained employees quickly understand and apply the concepts to situations they encounter in their own work.

SAI360 also provides courses that cover vigilance against cyberattacks, disclosing personal information, social engineering, phishing, info security, and insider threats. There is even a gamification experience focused on protecting the company against a malicious attack.

Safeguarding data is a critical aspect of digital risk management. SAI360’s tools and solutions help organizations manage digital risk—from cyberattacks, system vulnerability, vendors and third-party suppliers.

Support Data Privacy Day

January 28 helps raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and making a commitment to protect your business through ongoing, effective data security initiatives. Visit our website to learn more about the data privacy and data protection training offered by SAI360.

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