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SAI360 Launch Reflects Ongoing Commitment to ESG

SAI360, the leading ESG provider connecting GRC, EHS, Sustainability, and Learning in the cloud, has launched 2023 Release Two. The new tools and resources introduced as part of the release reinforce SAI360’s ongoing commitment to helping companies operationalize and accelerate their ESG initiatives.   

“The same business factors that are driving interest in risk, sustainability, workers’ health and safety, ethics and compliance are the same issues accelerating the focus on ESG,” explains Peter Granat, CEO of SAI360. “Regardless of the industry, every company is searching for new capabilities to help prioritize these important ESG considerations and the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.”  

SAI360’s latest product launch features new modules and enhancements to existing modules to help organizations drive strategic initiatives across all three ESG pillars – environmental, social, and governance.  

Environmental Pillar: Assisting with decarbonization efforts  

  • An enhanced Emissions Management module supports carbon accounting automation with inbuilt emission factors that are always kept up to date, enabling compliance and eliminating the inefficient task of sourcing factors   
  • A partnership with DitchCarbon helps companies work towards a net-zero value chain by identifying and reporting Scope 3 emissions   

Social Pillar: Supporting workplace well-being  

  •  A new Psychosocial Events Management module helps organizations manage psychosocial events in a manner that protects workers’ confidentiality and gives confidence in the process so they better understand the effectiveness of controls in place for their psychosocial risks and hazards  
  • Updated course content, including psychosocial health and safety trainings helps companies create a culture that recognizes psychosocial safety as an important health workplace issue and a key ESG strategy component    
  • A new best practice IT/Cyber Risk Management module makes it easier than ever for organizations to meet the societal and legal expectations around safeguarding personal information  

Governance Pillar: Surpassing reporting requirements  

  • Streamlined evidence and data collection for Internal Control and Audit to meet the highest bar of ESG reporting and transparency requirements and audit-readiness  
  • Pre-configured IT Risk Best Practice module and enhanced IT risk capabilities to support cybersecurity governance  
  • Enhanced Regulatory Compliance Management with pre-configured LexisNexis State Net integrations puts customers within a few clicks of monitoring the full range of State and Federal regulatory obligations and pending legislative and regulatory activity  
  • A new suite of courses and micro learnings addressing Anti-Bribery and Corruption to ensure that relationships employees form with stakeholders, potential customers, third parties and vendors, and government officials comply with FCPA, SAPIN II, the UK Bribery Act, and other regulatory expectations  

Beyond delivering ESG solutions, SAI360’s newest release also features software and learning resources to support initiatives related to governance, compliance, learning, and environment, health, safety and sustainability.  

Additional highlights include:    

  • New Learning Performance Dashboard designed for Compliance Officers, Executives and Board Members to easily identify people risk, drive new training topics, and understand learner confidence before and after training on a particular risk topic    
  • Enhanced risk aggregation capabilities break down risk silos and offer better visibility across the company  
  • Upgrades to the user experience, including a new, streamlined user interface, and new data import and export tools, saving time and resources   

“In many ways, what we now call ESG has been intertwined with GRC, Learning, EHS, and Compliance for decades,” explains Granat. “The expectations are certainly changing, as well as the ways companies report their efforts, but the commitment to drive positive change both inside and outside the company is nothing new.”  

For more information about SAI360’s newest capabilities, visit sai360.com 

About SAI360  

SAI360 is a leading ESG cloud provider connecting GRC, EHS, Sustainability and Learning. Our SAI360 platform streamlines workflow and drives outcomes through flexible, scalable, and configurable modules. Our integrated approach sets us apart, helping organizations thrive, create trust, understand their impact, and achieve resilience for over 25 years. SAI360 is headquartered in Chicago, with operations and customers across the globe. Discover more at sai360.com.  

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