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Operationalize and report on ESG initiatives

Embrace new environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards and metrics with SAI360

Reporting progress on key ESG performance indicators requires accuracy to win the hearts of customers and employees and the minds of regulators and investors.

With our deep experience in enterprise risk, EHS&S, and employee training, SAI360 helps you both operationalize and report on ESG initiatives.

What's New in SAI360

ESG Policy Management and Regulatory Change Dashboard

Satisfying shareholders, customers, employees and regulators requires a rapid transition from aspirations in annual reports to measurable, demonstrable, data driven and auditable ESG that SAI60 provides.

  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG): Our solution includes Regulatory Change, Policy Management, Enterprise & Operational Risk, Third-party & Vendor Risk, and Internal Control modules
  • Internal Audit Module: Launch of our best practice module for Internal Audit for independent assurance that your business is under control
  • Platform enhancements: Work more effectively with comment components for collaboration and annotation, web-based import, and translation management
ESG Sustainability Dashboard

The pandemic highlights the importance of the social pillar in ESG. It’s the business’ social license to operate. Now SAI360 supports your efforts to elevate employees’ health and safety and prevent incidents and accidents.

  • Sustainability & ESG Performance Reporting: An improved metric level review and approval process enabling high-quality, transparent, and auditable data that meet stakeholders’ demands
  • Process Safety improvements: With enhanced Permit To Work (PTW) and New Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) modules, you can easily control risk, get more work done safely and reduce costly business disruptions common with process safety
  • Procedural Walkthroughs: Enhance safety engagement across the entire workforce with interactive Procedural Walkthroughs. Turn digital procedures into easy-to-access interactive mobile microlearning.
ESG Healthcare Incident Management

Incidents such as conflicts of interest, ethics violations, patient FWA (Fraud Waste and Abuse) and data privacy breach are increasing. SAI360 provides the platform and new tools to update healthcare policies and protocols to meet ESG standards.

  • Incident Management: Identify gaps, detect problems early and allow your team to rapidly respond to emerging risks, privacy breaches, FWA and healthcare compliance
  • Conflicts of Interest: Proactively manage your organization’s activities and relationships in real time with our Disclosure Management and Gifts & Hospitality modules
  • Healthcare Templates and Workflow: Created through decades of supporting top healthcare organizations, SAI360 solutions are preconfigured with best practices for the healthcare industry allowing for rapid deployment
esg code of conduct

Meeting the objectives of ESG standards requires an ethical culture committed to a shared set of values and goals. Optimize your learning program to build an ethical and compliant culture, identify and remediate risk, and ensure third party compliance.

  • Code of Conduct: Operationalize your Code of Conduct to drive your organization’s ESG goals.  Our advisory services can help align your code to ESG standards and company policies and can update it to address changing demands
  • Third Party Compliance: Deliver and track your supply chain’s compliance training and provide reporting and analytics to support auditing and reporting requirements for suppliers, vendors and partners
  • ESG Compliance Essentials: Utilize the robust library of SAI360’s training for Environment, Social and Governance topics to quickly drive ESG performance