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Operationalize and Report on ESG Initiatives

Embrace new environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards and metrics with SAI360

Organizations are making pledges and setting ambitious ESG goals. However, these need to be backed up with accurate, auditable data. Only then can companies develop targeted, data-driven initiatives to improve their ESG scores.

No matter where your organization is on its ESG journey, SAI360 offers solutions that operationalize ESG initiatives.

What’s New in SAI360

Operationalizing and accelerating ESG strategies means having governance and compliance assessment capabilities, deeper insight into happenings throughout the enterprise, and monitoring and reporting performance.

  • New Evidence Request Workflow: Our integrated workflow enables teams to streamline the evidence collection process across modules, collaborate on results and easily build structured workflows
  • New IT governance and compliance assessment capabilities: Monitor the effectiveness of your IT governance program with risk-based test plans that quickly assess compliance against policies or frameworks
  • New Personalized Risk Dashboards: Aggregate relevant risk data and pre-configured templates for risk managers and risk teams

A successful ESG strategy includes effective monitoring of the organization’s environmental impact, including its carbon footprint. Meeting the social responsibilities of a safe and healthy workplace is also an important factor.

  • New Psychosocial Events Management Module: Securely record, investigate, and manage psychosocial incidents in a manner that protects workers’ confidentiality and gives confidence in the process
  • New Emission Factors’ capabilities: Automated up-to-date carbon accounting enables compliance and eliminates the inefficient need to source factors
  • Support to report scope 3 emissions: Our new partnership with DitchCarbon allows you to identify and report scope 3 emissions
  • Enhanced Metrics Management: Link multiple framework requirements to metrics to ease data capture and compare against any ESG Reporting Frameworks (e.g., GRI, TCFD, etc.)

The need to protect your organization from cyber threats and bolster data privacy is increasingly complex and the ability to easily and rapidly implement an IT risk framework is essential.

  • New SAI360 IT Risk Best Practice Module – IT Risk Manager is now available as a best practice with pre-configured templates and workflows making it easier for organizations to rapidly deploy an IT risk framework
  • Enhanced IT risk capabilities – A new vulnerability component added to IT Risk Manager with analysis capabilities, including the option to review and score potential IT threats based on impact and capacity
  • Increased safeguards: PGP Encryption for the highest safeguards for data privacy and security.

Learning is an instrumental mechanism that drives ESG performance in your organization, whether it’s to embed ESG policies, practices, and processes or maintain ethics and compliance.

  • Psychological Health and Safety Suite: Embed a mindset that recognizes psychosocial safety as an important workplace health and safety issue with our learning content dedicated to promoting psychological safety
  • New Performance Dashboard: Designed for Compliance Officers, Executives and Board Members, easily identify people risk, drive new training topics and understand learner confidence before and after training on a particular risk topic
  • New and enhanced course content: Easily tailor our new content to meet your specific needs including our enhanced courses for Anti-bribery and corruption, Workplace Violence and Safety Measures, UK Criminal Finances Act and Financial Fraud