Thrive with ESG and GRC
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Operationalize and Report on ESG Initiatives

Embrace new environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards and metrics with SAI360

Organizations are making pledges and setting ambitious ESG goals. However, these need to be backed up with accurate, auditable data. Only then can companies develop targeted, data-driven initiatives to improve their ESG scores.

No matter where your organization is on its ESG journey, SAI360 offers solutions that operationalize ESG initiatives.

What's New in SAI360

ESG and GRC work together to reduce risk

Operationalizing your ESG strategy means having early detection of regulation, broad visibility across risks, deeper insight into happenings throughout the enterprise, and capabilities to report performance.

  • Enterprise & Operational Risk: Gain more comprehensive views of risk with aggregation visuals, rollup assessments, and role-based dashboards
  • Regulatory Change Management: Take advantage of our new regulatory feed integration option with
  • Platform enhancements: Fast start your migration from SAP BOE to Power BI and streamline the integration between SAI360 GRC and your enterprise ecosystem (Jira, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Slack, Teams, et al.)

ESG is increasing and evolving the responsibilities of the EHS & Sustainability functions. To support this evolution, we continue to extend our integrated EHS&S platform and universal mobile app to be more efficient and support the operationalization of ESG strategies.

  • Extended Self-Service Analytics: Allow business users with no technical expertise to undertake complex data queries and visualize data in real-time
  • Pre-configured regional regulatory Injury reporting:  In addition to RIDDOR and OSHA, we now offer support for France (CERFA n° 14463) and Germany (Unfallanzeige)
  • Platform and Mobile User Experience Improvements: An enhanced user-friendly interface with a modernized user experience shortens steps to execute essential tasks
ESG GRC for Healthcare

Data breaches can have an enormous impact on employees, patients, and the economy, making cybersecurity a social issue just as much as an IT one. As a result, healthcare organizations must include cybersecurity as part of their overall ESG strategy.

  • New IT Risk Management for Healthcare module: In addition to meeting the HHS/OIG HITECH Act requirements critical to healthcare organizations, you’ll have the flexibility to support any standard framework or workflow to develop a comprehensive and effective IT and Cyber Risk strategy
  • Incident Management Integration: SAI360 now integrates with Protenus, a leading provider of patient data breach alerts, strengthening the protection of patient data from both inadvertent and deliberate breaches
  • New Content for Regulatory Compliance Management: New sources of regulatory content including LexisNexis Statenet and the Federal Register have been added, as well as configurable dashboard plug-ins to visualize workflow
Customizable Employee Online Compliance Ethics

Maintain ethics, compliance and your ESG posture with third parties and suppliers via centralized management of all third party ESG training.

  • Personalize the Learning Experience: Customize trainings with our new Customizer tool to address the specific needs of your organization
  • Increase Engagement: Personalize the learning experience with our AI-driven Learner Home Page to increase workforce usage and maximize their training
  • Drive ESG performance: Educate your workforce and third parties about your ESG objectives with our new courses that include ESG for Suppliers & Third Parties; The ESG Framework: Promising Practices; and Supply Chain Integrity