Incorporating ESG into ERM

It has been proven in recent years that organizations need an enterprise risk management (ERM) approach that effectively incorporates sustainability risks, such as climate change, natural resource availability, health/safety, future of work, poverty, human rights, and social/political volatility. ESG is now included in the oversight of risk, and stakeholders including regulators are more demanding for companies to address these risks.

This virtual corporate panel discussion, hosted by Thought Leader Global, explores practical strategies to incorporate ESG into ERM and how it strengthens your company’s insights into its full risk universe while strengthening its sustainability management and business performance.

Corporate panelists:

  • Annette M. Schüller, Board Secretary and Group Head of Ethics & Compliance and ERM at Givaudan
  • Cesar Souza, Group Audit Chief Operating Officer at Zurich
  • Jorge Bulleraich, Group Head of Risk & Audit at Origin Enterprises
  • Frank Fiorille, VP of Risk Management, Compliance, Data Analytics at Paychex
  • Jamie Walsh, Senior Director Product Marketing at SAI360
  • Beatriz Bottner, Head Quality, Compliance & Risk at Nextclinics International
  • Cees Klumper, Chief Audit and Compliance Officer at International Medical Corps


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