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What’s New: SAI360 for EHS&S Release 2021.2, with Sustainability Performance Metrics

The latest software release of SAI360 for Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S) management, Release 2021.2 with Roam 5.7, bolsters our single integrated platform and mobile app with a range of enhancements that facilitate a safer, healthier and sustainable workplace for all stakeholders.


Sustainability now delivers several exciting new features

SAI360 EHS&S’s Sustainability Metrics Management now delivers several exciting new features. It supports EHS leaders with streamlined data collection, disclosure management and reporting on environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives, as well as for sustainability performance such as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water, energy use and waste management.

The improved Sustainability Metrics Management module now supports powerful formula metrics, sustainability targets, easy-to-complete campaign questionnaires and progress dashboards to support target-setting, measuring and performance tracking.

The new Sustainability Questionnaire view provides an intuitive data-entry portal that lets users complete data entry with minimal effort while easily viewing their progress.

SAI360 EHS&S Release Sustainability Questionnaire

The new Campaign Progress Dashboard groups metrics to make tracking and verification easier. It can display the overall progress of data collection for each campaign grouped by locations and individuals responsible for providing the data.

SAI360 EHS&S Rlelease: Campaign Progress Dashboard


Analytics and visualization

We continue to develop our analytics and visualization functionality as part of our commitment to make EHS data review more user-friendly. With our 2021.2 release, more automation capabilities are available with enhanced data analytics and visualization that enable all users, including non-technical users, to undertake complex ad-hoc data analysis, interrogate data with ease and visualize to uncover EHS&S trends and identify hidden opportunities to improve workplace safety.

Data visualizations now deliver even more functionality as part of our ongoing investment in this space. SAI360 EHS&S software’s new Word Cloud visualization represents words in text fields. It gives greater prominence to the words that appear more frequently, allowing you to quickly uncover useful information hidden in your free-text fields. The Word Cloud visualization utilizes Natural Language Processing, which automatically processes text fields. As a result, the Word Cloud visualization provides more significant insights from your EHS textual data.

SAI360 EHS&S Word Cloud Visualization


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