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New SAI360 Release for Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) and Operational Risk

SAI360 for EHS and Operational Risk now includes integrated Bowtie modelling and visualization tool, drag and drop capabilities, configurable Safety Score framework and more.

The latest release of SAI360’s EHS and Operational risk solution offers improvements to help EHS teams better engage employees, prevent incidents and accidents and achieve operational excellence.

Integrated Bowtie modelling and visualization tool

To many, hazards, risk and controls may be difficult to understand. A visual representation using Bowtie enables employees at all levels to understand how an event could occur, and the consequences of the event.

SAI360’s new Bowtie risk modelling and visualization tool with drag-and-drop capabilities makes it easy to create, maintain and visualize data connections. Employees at all levels can visualize risk, threats, consequences and controls and understand what happens when controls are not in place or effective. This supports better decision making and greater visibility into risks at all levels.

The Bowtie tool is fully integrated within our EHS solution’s Hazard and Risk Management workflow and it’s supported by mobile Control Verifications.

SAI360's integrated bowtie modelling and visualization tool


Configurable Safety Score framework

The Safety Score is a powerful indicator for our EHS solution that aggregates multiple leading and lagging indicators into a single data set. It provides visibility into locations that have a poor safety performance and are at risk of an incident via an interactive dashboard.

Because SAI360 is an integrated platform, this configurable framework allows leading and lagging indicators from any EHS process to be included in the Safety Score. Organizations can identify the indicators that make sense to their business, set weightings and aggregate.

SAI360's configurable Safety Score framework


A single web and mobile To-Do List

Our SAI360 solution now offers a single combined To-Do List of all tasks from any EHS and Operational Risk Management workflow. Users only need to access the list via a web-based dashboard or their mobile device to stay on top of all their assigned tasks. If you are an EHS manager or supervisor, the list will show team member’s outstanding tasks as well.


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